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This is my rpc: Gray Solkin.
At school it is either: Mr. Gray or just Gray if he thinks your ok.

His job is to watch over the element darkness.
He is a god of darkness in the elemental world.
The darkness school is his school where he teaches the others the dark arts: students and many other dark creatures...
He also watches over the world if there are any invaders.

A little bit about Gray:
Gray is a eightteen year old master of darkness. His mother was human, while his father was a vampire. So Gray is an halfbreed. That is why he still needs blood to survive. Many people don't trust him, because he is master of darkness, they say he is evil. But that isn't true. Gray is a good-hearted person who loves to share his love with others. His pet dragon is called Demonia. It is a black diamond back dragon.
His favorite line to say:

Don't look back,
look forwards.

The castle
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Klik the pic to go to school!

Welcome to Euphoria, the world where all the schools are in. This is an elemental world. There are much places to go to. But you have to find out that yourself. Take a look because everything is worth it. ^^

This are schools to learn how control your element. Just pick one of the element schools you want to be in. But no begging about being one of the gods/godesses because WE will chose about WHO may be a god/goddess.

You always start like a student. If you join a lot ... you can mabye even more than just a student. But about that.... we will decide. That's the reason why we don't want to get PM's about something you want to be... alright?

All the schools are in a different area which is are all look like their own element. Be sure ur own RP character is like the element you study. Join our arena battles and our events.

Just pick a school and we write you in as a student... you can become a teacher ... mabye even a master or mistress or god or goddess. 3nodding Enjoy!!!


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What i need:
~User ImageWinter Wind Snow Sweater
~User ImageStylish Charcoal Winter Coat
~User ImageSnowbored Pants Blue
~User ImageChain Of Command
~User ImageHIPster Blue Tint Shades

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Me: a poet, a dear friend and a sweet lover.....

I write mainly much poems(this maybe be my mule, but i will write them here to) and i write stories as well. Much people said i should start a book, maybe i will. I like to try new things, so if you have a suggestion of what i should do, pm me or lea



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Wat ik wil weten is waarom je nog de details hebt van je RPC als je niet meer op Elemental speelt

Report | 06/08/2006 10:58 am


Ello Buttercup <3 .. whee .. Yup boredom everywhere.. En als je wilt wil ik wel een profiel voor jou maken whee .. check mijn profiel op Jrocker_Miku <3 the MOOi gewoon niet omdat ik het heb gemaakt maar omdat het Miyavi style is xD ..

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gast waar had je het over? de laatste die ik een PM zou sturen ben jij <.<;; als je op de negeer lijst wil moet je ff zegge stare

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Heey Ook al een Nederlander ^^
Hoeissie ?
nja.. laters

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*watches GG run after you*....hehehe sweatdrop randomnessss xd *stits in tree* whaaaaaa so high!!!

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Felt like a regular tuesday to me.

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crying NOO!! give me back my link now!! stare *runs after you*

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MWAHAHAHA! Kep nu o0k scarf xD En chaiiN xD

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Well, thank you!
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My dark rpc....Join the elemental school...and be my student..
Or klik my picture to see who i am.....
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Drake form.