"Nock. Draw. Launch.


Those words were followed by the sound of a bow being fired, and then loaded again. Fired, and then loaded again. Arrow after arrow hit the dead center of a row of trees. The male wielding the bow wiped his brow. Even if the sun was not visible due to the canopy of foliage resting at the top of each monument of nature’s glory, the heat still remained, and the male had been training for quite some time. He reached behind himself, to grab another handful of arrows, only to find that there was only one left. Sighing, he grabbed the arrow, nocked it, drew back the string of his bow, and fired one last time. What occurred next was quite a surprise to him.

A blur flashed, and the arrow never made it to the intended bark of the tree. Instead, it had been caught in the grasp of a gloved hand. The owner of that hand was wearing a black suit, with a black dress shirt and a dark red tie. His black dress shoes seemed more like boots, and he wore black leather gloves around his hands. He had short black hair that framed both sides of his face and went down to the middle of his neck. He wore shades, preventing his dark red eyes from being seen, and he stood at six feet tall. The male looked at the bow wielding male opposite of him, staring at him behind his shades. He waited for a few seconds, twirling the arrow around in his right hand as if it was a dagger. Suddenly he cleared his throat, and soon he spoke right after that.

“Dante West. 18 years of age. Orphan; no known living relatives. Expert archery skills, is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Novice manipulator of light for offensive, defensive, and mundane purposes. Known from observation to be a loner. Does not like interacting with people.” The male with the shades spoke in a monotone, while his face was devoid of all emotion. Dante did not immediately speak, for he was rather shocked that this person appeared out of nowhere and disclosed several facts about him. “Who are you?” He found the question exiting his mouth before he could even think about it. He adopted a defensive stance by drawing back the string of his bow and taking aim at the male, just in case this person was an enemy.

The male merely chuckled, whirling his arm to send the arrow in his hand whizzing forward, blatantly missing Dante but driving straight through a series of trees nonetheless. He crossed his arms, an eyebrow raising itself from behind the cover of his shades. A few quiet words left his being, just as he cracked his neck and his fingers. “Prove your worth, and you will have everything you need to know.” Dante formed an arrow of golden light and fired it almost as instantly, directly at the male’s head. Said male only tilted his head slightly in order to avoid the attack. He returned to his default position, just as Dante charged up a particularly bright arrow in his bow. Without a word, he launched the enhanced attack, the light arrow producing a whistling sound as it traveled through the air. The suited male moved as a blur again, and suddenly the arrow flew back at Dante, who had caught it harmlessly. Brief surprise filled Dante before he saw and realized why his own attack had flew back at him; the male had a mirror with exotic black designs on the other side of the transparent glass. Even so, he could still see himself within it. Dark brown skin. Black and gray tribal dragon shirt. Black cargo shorts. Chuck tailors.

The male chuckled again, and threw the mirror at Dante, just as he had thrown the arrow earlier. Dante caught it with slight ease, just as an idea formed in his mind. Tucking the mirror underneath one of his arms, he took aim to the sky at a slight angle and fired a volley of light arrows. Those arrows curved quickly and fell right towards the suited male, who had dodged by jumping lightly around. While he was dodging the arrows from above, Dante threw the mirror at him. The male dodged again, this time by sidestepping, but Dante sent a clustered swirl of light energy at the mirror. The light refracted off of the mirror and laser rays went in many directions, slicing through the bark of many trees and almost hitting the male, who had barely dodged by hitting the ground on his hands. A few seconds passed and he rose from the ground, his hands finding themselves sheathed within his pockets.

“You can stop attacking now. You pass.” The male unflinchingly walked towards Dante, who still had a light arrow nocked in a bow, aimed right at his face. The male kept his expression devoid, and instead offered his hand. “My name is Blaze. Damien Blaze. Come with me.” He held his hand in front of Dante, waiting the few seconds it took for Dante to relax his guard and shake it. He began walking, towards the exit of the forest, and it took a moment for Dante to follow.

-This story was written by a very close friend of mine he continues to say he wont make it but every time i read somthing he writes it makes me want to tell him your to talented to just walk off some cliff but i know he wont litsen so i just tell him what he wants to hear but im sure he'll turn around eventually it'l just take time.-