Letter from the Shadow's Tactician

The letter reads as follows.

"'Lo there, traveler. My name is Gray, otherwise known as the Shadow's Tactician. If you're reading this, then you've wandered into the world of monsters unknowingly - or perhaps with full knowledge of this world - and likely require a sellsword to assist you in reaching your destination... or any destination that isn't a coffin in the ground. 'Tis a dangerous world out here - all the monsters you were told were fables, untrue? They exist. They hunger. In fact, one of them - albeit one several shades nicer than the rest - is talking to you right now.

So long as you treat me with respect, I'll return the kindness. But try to flaunt superiority, treat me like dirt, or anything of the sort... just as you retain the right to be an insufferable a**, I retain the right to leave you for dead in this world.

I'll be around shortly, if you truly require my aide. I'll say it again - 'tis a dangerous world out here, but at least YOU have a guide.

~Gray C. Deltas / The Shadow's Tactician"

Under the letter is a statement written in what appears to be dried blood - "Beware the darkness."


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