First Name: Joey
Single or Taken: Taken
Birthdate: August 19

I make Old school profiles. I made this one.
PM me if you would like one, they are generally 300k depending on complexity.

I am feMale
and I am 24 years old
I am demisexual I am taken

I have a wonderful girl who has an account on here,
User Image
Swiss Cheese Moon
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She is absolutely amazing and makes me feel like I can do anything.
So do NOT mess with her. c:

I'm pretty lax and I don't use Gaia as much as I used to.
You can easily find my on ZOMG with Swiss. Lets crew I don't bite~

I use a male avatar because I identify with males more. :/
No I don't want a sex change


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Wouldn't you like to know


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Awh no don't worry :3 i understand things come up without people knowing about it
^^ take your time my dear and if you want i'm here to chat to biggrin

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razz I dun wanna hear it

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Holy crap, thanks so much for buying my "Violet Devil Tail!"

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cool avi
Happy Trips

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Happy Trips

Thanks for purchasing heart

gaia_angelleft Sincerely, Light. gaia_angelright

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Thank you for your purchase. owo
Swiss Cheese Moon

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Swiss Cheese Moon

Thanks for the bow, even if it's not really my thing heart
Swiss Cheese Moon

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Swiss Cheese Moon

redface heart
No problem honey
Sissi Tris Nina

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Sissi Tris Nina

Thank you so much
Anatomical Doll

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Anatomical Doll

ur welcome x.x
I was just making sure you knew <<"
cuz I was thinking "wow that awkward n unexpected"


[i:004dec1860]22 years old - Furry - fe[b:004dec1860]Male[/b:004dec1860] - Demisexual
Artist - Taken -Questing Icy marionette[/color:004dec1860][/size:004dec1860][/i:004dec1860]