About Me

Bonjour, people! My name's Mina, and here are some things about myself that you should know:

-I like Music. Music is the key to my heart. If you like music, than I believe you PAWN.

-I also love to write. Writing is my passion, and it always will be.

-I like Anime. Anime is awesome. Anime PAWNS. Case closed.

-My friends all pawn. Mess with my friends and my fist will be messing with your face.

-I can be very defensive. Not to mention impulsive.

-I talk to much. In fact, I never shut up.

-I am very bitter and sarcastic. Sarcastic comments are one thing that I contribute to society.

-I have a fetish for all video/computer games related to fantasy/science-fiction (IE: Zelda, Morrowind/Fable/Beyond Good & Evil, etc...).

-I play Dungeons & Dragons. I love it. My six-sided dice are lethal weapons in my hands...

-I am a nerd. And I am proud. NERD PRIDE!!

-I want to take over the world with my cuteness and my personal army of evil flying MONKEYS!!! XD MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!