Apparantely.. . I am working on my profile people.
It takes a lot of time._.
"I tend to think the GD is good for newbs. If they can survive [there], they can handle anything." - Irradiated Radiance
I ish Rocio.
Like me or suffer the consequences.

my window = my photobooth ;]

"The GD is like an abusive husband. It constantly rapes you in the a**, but you just can't seem to leave."
- Grotesque Rose

Keep it up guys! :]


Ahh GaiaOnline... I've been gone sooo long Q_Q. See, what happened was:

. . . . . It all started a while after I found out that some uber cooler people on Gaia lived in my town so we met, and then a few days after I stopped going on Gaia because of school and crap. But then I didn't go on even after school was cooling down (rhyming not intended). So I just stopped and went on in my life. Now... it's summer and school's finally out so I asked myself... "What the ******** am I going to do this summer?" So I decided to come back! Now, most of you want to behead me, butttttt, I still lubb you? Lol, anyways, I've missed the GD. I've been suffering without it, I could barely breathe! Uh... not really but I've missed all of my friends (yall know you are) and I really hope you guys aren't mad at me. >< I'm hoping GD hasn't changed and is nice (ROFLMAO) to me. D:

xoxo, Rocio. ;]

::the real me::

I'm Dominican-
I love the show Heroes-
I love many bands-
I love my friends-
I love random comments, so do so, please-
I hate MySpace and texting like my good friend Britta over tharr-
I guess I'm intelligent -
I joke a lot-
But many of my friends take it qui]et seriously-
So I don't joke around in real life-
(my weird self would say 'LOLKAY')-
That's probably why I don't have much friends-
I will not tell you what that means-
ily, & dun be sad if i havent raped you yet-
ill get to you-

::this weird person::

I ams a gder (although I am seriously considering to move to another forum) ::
I ams a person::
I ams a flute player person::
I ams a wubbers of art and poetry (pretty please?)::
I ams a person who missed my GDing friends when I wuz gone::
I ams a grape rapist::
I ams a person who loves music (that's why my first profile and siggy pic, I have headphones on) ::
I ams a person who rapes you if I liek you::
I ams a person who plans world domination::

Dream avvie. My old dream avvie. I still love it, so I guess my quest for this thing is starting all over again. Oh well. :]

Awesome Donors:

stuckinaworld - donated me back my -._-. glasses and a cloud! YERR AWESOME DEWD. =D ILYILYILYIYL
stuckinaworld - donated AGAIN me 15k. ******** love you man.
offensive pie ii - donated a lot of things plus 10k. ILY ILY ILY
Reisen Undongein - donated 1,ooo. Thank you very mucho! =]
NB_DUBZ - donated 100g, thanks man!

If you are here that means you actually took your time to read my About Me section, or you just scrolled all the way down... either way. Thankee for reading my about me section!


-surprise buttseckses-


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I Come From Bushes

You can pick your friends, and pick your nose... But you can never pick your friend's nose.
No... my name is not Irene.

I am me, myself, and Irene. I am a weird person, all my friends laugh at me jokes. And I love hanging out with my siblings. I love playing World of Warcraft and playing instruments. My life you can say is an O.K. life... it's worse than that._.



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Sorry--two days late--but...Happy Belated Birthday! User Image

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nice profile and hi what u been up to User Image
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Hi!Your profile is cute. :]


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Hai dar!
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you were on my girlfriends mule comment thing-y


any who hello

and your naked


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Grapest in Arousal

hi me ;_;


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where are u?!?!?!?!
emo girl in black

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emo girl in black

hey try this out

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