Well, I guess I should tell you how old I am. My name is Grandmajones and I'm the 65 year old mother to Soul Asphyxiation. I'm the kind of person that won't get embarrassed easily and you could tell anything to. I'm very open-minded, lived long enough to see it all, do it all, or know someone who did. Not much in this life shocks me anymore. I try to keep in touch with what my kids are doing, without butting into their business (or at least without them knowing it LOL) I am the wife of Grandpajones . I have 15 grandchildren , 8 great grandchildren, and 7 children that I have been responsible for raising. 4 biological children, 2 adopted children, and one step daughter. So if I haven't heard it or seen it by now then I probably never will.

So if anyone has any problems that they want to talk to an old woman about then I'm here.