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Konnichiwa. My name is Anderson, and I'm 16 years old.

I'm a high school junior participating in the IB Program. I am currently signed up for IB Music Theory as well as several other IB classes.

I've been playing the violin ever since I was in 4th grade. I'm still not very good at it, but I can play pretty well!

I've been teaching myself to play the piano since the summer before Freshmen year, which was 2 years ago.

Using the treble clef and comparing the notes on the bass clef to their position on the piano, I successfully learned how to read piano sheet music, which began my passion.

I'm in love with the Classical era than Baroque, simply because I listen to Beethoven and Mozart more often than I do Vivaldi and Bach.

I love playing video game music on the piano as well as anime music! The first song I've ever read on piano was the Final Fantasy I Main Theme!

I've taken Japanese for 2 years, and junior year will start my 3rd year. I guess I sort of started Japanese because of the culture, anime, and simply because of how much impact and debt they have over America.

I practice piano almost every day for about 3-4 hours total. However, it's going to be pretty hard keeping this up during junior year of high school!

I would like to thank experienced music students such as Lord Sreder, and students from the Gaian Music Academy.


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Lord Sreder Report | 07/23/2012 4:45 pm
Lord Sreder
I don't really know. They kept doing absolutely doing nothing and kept switching leaders and what not. I was eventually kicked out for not caring what they did and became inactive since I because starting to get busy with classes.
Lord Sreder Report | 07/10/2012 3:45 pm
Lord Sreder
I can understand that. I'm fortunate enough to go to a college that's right close to home and my parents are actually pretty much taking care of most of the finances so I'm actually really lucky.
Lord Sreder Report | 07/08/2012 5:46 am
Lord Sreder
I chose the university of Toledo. Though its music program is a lot smaller than my other choice, I'm really happy with it.
Lord Sreder Report | 07/07/2012 3:58 pm
Lord Sreder
Well it sounds like you have a good selection of pieces. But dang, that's a lot of stuff you have to do. It's kind of interesting because I've never gone through anything like that. SO you have to do some composition as well?
Lord Sreder Report | 07/07/2012 6:04 am
Lord Sreder
Ahhh very nice. What else have oyu been working on?
SO how do you like nodame cantabile? It's definitely one of my favorite anime to watch. Some time if you ever get around to it, they made a real live drama series off of it and that one i s fantastic because they actually show people playing their instruments.
Lord Sreder Report | 07/02/2012 7:56 pm
Lord Sreder
Yeah Since the last time we've talked, which was quite a while ago, I've learned a bunch of stuff at school. (A couple of these I can't play anymore but I plan to brush up on them soon so they are playable.)
Franz Liszt's liebestraume,
Bela Bartok's Romanion folk dances,
Sergei Rachmaninoff's Prelude in G minor Op. 23, no. 5,
Debussy's Estampes mvt. 1 pagodes and mvt. 2 La soirée dans Grenade.
And now over the summer I'm working on;
Franz Schubert's sonata in a minor op. 143 mvt. 1 and mvt. 3,
Debussy's estampes mvt. 3
Chopin's Polonaise in F# minor
Bach's french suite no. 5
and a piano concerto by Mozart. *( I haven't decided which one I want to do yet of the two my teacher gave me)
Lord Sreder Report | 07/02/2012 7:08 pm
Lord Sreder
Well I say find a teacher. They will help exponentially. Well aside from that, fingering is something that isn't always set in stone. There are definitely bad fingerings but you generally want to pick something that works for you and won't leave you stranded in continuing a line of music. As for posture which would include how you sit at hte piano and your hand position that's something you may need a 2nd party to check out that knows what to look for.
Lord Sreder Report | 07/02/2012 6:10 pm
Lord Sreder
DUDE! Excellent suggestion blaugh ! It's actually one of my all time favorite piano concertos that I want to learn some day.
ElJabberwock Report | 04/07/2012 10:19 am
i love the background heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Lord Sreder Report | 11/10/2011 4:50 pm
Lord Sreder
Hey dude! Happy birthday!

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