Do not send me a friend request unless you have had a legitimate conversation with me. I'm likely to reply by blocking you.

You can call me K. I spend most of my time alone. I have not lived a rough life, but I have been through some rough experiences. While I am tolerant of those with different views from me, I have no real desire to talk to or make friends with people that have values that differ from my own.

Read this list before you consider approaching me:
*I am a hard atheist
*I abhor organized religion
*I am unapologetically liberal
*It is difficult to earn my trust.
*I have an odd/dark sense of humor at times.
*I am probably a bit older than you.

This is not my first account, I've been on and off of Gaia for a decade. Below, is the reason I originally returned.

I understand well, what it feels like to be hurt, confused, alone, and seeking answers. While I am perhaps not so proficient at finding my own, my own life experience combined with a fair degree of common sense does give me a fairly unique perspective, and ability to reach out to others and offer sound thoughts on what troubles them.

Have you ever been told that something is wrong with you? Teased, bullied, made to feel less than human? THEY WERE WRONG.

Why do I do this? Because I care about people, and want to bring some good out of my own negative experiences. Because I would like to make some new friends. Because I am ready to live again.

If you are viewing this page because you read a reply of mine in the Life Issues forum, and wish to continue the discussion privately, you are welcome to PM me.

*I am single
*I'm an artist and writer, though I tend to be unmotivated
*I'm more sensitive than I let on.
*I tend to prefer older anime
*Tend to listen to metal, but have a wide variety of tastes
*I'm not good with lyrics, song titles, band names, etc.
*I hate reading small or light text. Please, use a format that doesn't kill my eyes if you want to talk to me. Please? Cherry on top and everything?

Random Judgmental note: I will not reply to any OP in LI that contains the phrase "Baby Daddy". If you use this phrase, please, please, stop it. Just stop.

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Well, sleep is important. e u e; And so is work.

Unless there's a spider in your room.

Then it'd be best to avoid that room, and sleep somewhere else.

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Nice post in the thread about what Jesus would of looked like.
Also, nice avi. be well
xl Cyanide Candy lx

Report | 04/22/2014 3:14 am

xl Cyanide Candy lx

I prefer bad puns and silly word play over irony myself. :T

Oi oi, a meaningful thank you doesn't need to involve money! We're not part of the mafia here! XD You are actually the first person to thank me for moving their thread though, whether they had asked for it to be moved or not, so that is meaningful enough. o u o I've been a lot less active too, mainly because Gaia started going a bit too crazy with the "sales" and daily Cash Shop updates. I feel like it's definitely no longer the place it used to be and with the way it's going right now, it'll never be again. :<

Your account probably is worth the 8 billion now. XD Ever since they made it possible to buy gold with Gaia Cash, the value of gold has just turned to nothing.
xl Cyanide Candy lx

Report | 04/22/2014 2:48 am

xl Cyanide Candy lx

Hello, sir. gaia_kittenstar
Why are you paying me such a generous amount just for doing my job? There really is no need! I should be thanking you for making it easy for me to find a thread that needed to be moved. : ) I hope you don't find it rude if I cancel the trade. I'm sure there are plenty of others more deserving of that gold. 3nodding

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Are you planning on updating your avi for Halloween? I'm super stoked for this holiday!! ^_^

Report | 10/02/2013 7:41 pm


Totally in love with your avi!

Report | 09/20/2013 6:14 pm


Hehe, I forget to tell you, thank you for noticing my "Conservative Consumer" tag. Hehehee I didn't really notice that my avi made it satirical until you brought it up. whee
Kinky Twinky

Report | 09/14/2013 5:36 pm

Kinky Twinky

thank you~~ cat_4laugh
Drunk Fisher

Report | 09/09/2013 5:07 pm

Drunk Fisher

~Steals Kandy~
Fullmetal Joestar

Report | 09/07/2013 2:23 pm

Fullmetal Joestar

Thanks crying emotion_hug


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