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I'm Emzi, a 23 year old Londoner who loves tea, writing and reading. yum_tea

I have a degree! I got a 1.1 from Oxford university in Biological Sciences. emotion_yatta I finished my degree 28/05/2015 and sorry if it seems like bragging, I'm just super proud of myself. After my degree I went into teaching which I hated with a venom so I quit and now I'm working in the loveliest of offices in Waterloo as a Project Manager (I deal with numbers).

Anyway, right now I'm back from an on and off hiatus since 2010. My goal is to re-learn all of Gaia's items. I have a thread in the AT to help me (please visit!). I cycle through obsessions (Pokemon, Guild Wars 2, roleplaying, avatar building, reading...) so if you're interested in any of those definitely we'll be mates.

Always happy to chat/build you an avi/breed pokemon for you/roleplay. emotion_bigheart

I also always seem to be buying and selling, so hit up my store fam.

See you around!


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Silquestnocte Report | 03/26/2016 11:37 am

I think the cherry blossoms are blooming right now, you might be able to make it in time to see them!
Silquestnocte Report | 03/26/2016 11:33 am
wooooooooooooah Japan!

is that where your new job is?
Silquestnocte Report | 03/26/2016 11:09 am

New job though! how exciting~

it's good to have you back~
Silquestnocte Report | 03/26/2016 10:49 am
Yeah, I am!

how are you doing?

bbs? idk what that means sad
Silquestnocte Report | 03/26/2016 10:44 am
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Ginger von Schnapp Report | 02/24/2016 11:37 am
OH man, your avatar is SO freakin cute! heart
Silquestnocte Report | 02/20/2016 7:21 am
I quietly hoard all things made for me, because I treasure them!

heart You're quite welcome, and thank you for writing me such a lovely little blurb
ever4angelina Report | 09/26/2014 11:16 am
okay! so ill start in a little while okay? thanks ^u^
ever4angelina Report | 09/25/2014 11:20 am
really? cool! u do have quiet the complex avi ^-^ ill start on it as soon as possible (today or so?) 3nodding i dont really do digital tho. just like by hand .. IS That okay?? o/^ /o
ever4angelina Report | 09/24/2014 7:33 pm
oh no problem at all ^u^ ill get to it tomorrow or so im a bit busy but im free this weekend ^-^ what are u willing to pay? ~ i usually go by tht :T