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Report | 02/06/2019 2:44 pm

I Hisana Kuchiki I

I'm doing quite well! Just been busy with work and i added you!!
I'm Judai Fudo!
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Report | 01/20/2019 3:27 pm


Yeah it has been a while and life has been ok how about you?
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Report | 08/08/2017 9:47 pm


hello, how's life been in the 8 years since we last spoke?
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Report | 06/22/2015 6:08 pm

Troll Djinn

Hey Kira don't know if got me pm, but this is, was Denmark allo
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Report | 08/23/2014 10:58 am


ive been ok
good to hear ur doing well
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Report | 08/20/2014 8:25 pm


i hardly go on this anymore but i check on it every now and then
how've u been?
BigJuicySushi's avatar

Report | 08/19/2014 7:03 am


It truely has~
I am still kicken' ;'D Is alright. You?
Princess Mint the Great's avatar

Report | 07/28/2014 4:55 pm

Princess Mint the Great

I know it has how are ya?
Sovereign Winter's avatar

Report | 06/24/2014 5:15 pm

Sovereign Winter

I know, right? Figured now's as good a time as any to wander back over here. How have you been?
wolfinthedarkness94's avatar

Report | 05/20/2014 6:59 am


cool avi
Bwazzam's avatar

Report | 05/10/2014 5:34 pm


Do you remember me?
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Report | 01/02/2013 1:49 pm


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Report | 11/10/2012 7:04 pm


Envy says:


User ImageUser ImageUser Image
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Report | 07/05/2012 10:33 am

Flying Zebras

Probably doesn't say hi cause he's shy or something. Or just ignorant idk. But if he's nice than probably not.
And gud gurl you don't settle for less cause you're obv better than that lul talk2hand
Good for you,seriously. I'm sure you can easily get some amazing guy. Someone that is amazing like me emotion_awesome
And oh well for that guy.When you do break up with him he needs to man up and get over it.
Lol PM me if you don't wanna get comment stalked.
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 07/04/2012 8:20 am

Flying Zebras

Lol thats nice than.
Internet friends> friends
Even if I've never actually met my internet friends haha
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 06/27/2012 11:08 am

Flying Zebras

That's cool o.o
Kinda scary to meet internet friends huh?
Never met any of mine
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 06/22/2012 11:22 am

Flying Zebras

Well that's good haha xd

Anyways I'm in vegas surprised
seeing relatives
extremely bored
have to pay for wifi too D:
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 06/18/2012 10:10 pm

Flying Zebras

I say stop being her friend than, it's better if you're not her friend apposed to pretending to be her friend cause she's annoying but you feel sorry for her
I've been a similar situation stare
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 06/17/2012 11:07 pm

Flying Zebras

Yeah my group of friends are basically the most normal people here.
Immature just about sums up everyone else.
Sure we can be immature, but not during school because we don't want to look like children during school.
There's several groups of guys and girls that like to chase each other around the courtyard.
Once,I tripped one of them. Was funny but it was an accident lol.
Flying Zebras's avatar

Report | 06/16/2012 12:04 am

Flying Zebras

Well I dunno 8th grade has the sense of being at the top of the school so it's kinda cool if you ask me.
Plus on my bus it's young kids in the front and older kids in the back so I can be in the back and not have to hear as much screaming.
And yeah well I had a horrible 7th grade too, cause these white rich snobby chicks ALWAYS found some way to bag on me and our friends.
Then when we called them assholes,WE got in trouble. One of my friends had to get a lawyer because the school was gonna suspend him for like a week.
This lasted pretty much throughout the whole year.
And plus it was also a bummer cause all the pretty new girls turned out to be druggies/betches so I didn't date anyone throughout the whole year ;_;
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