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a brief description of the comical, real, events that occour to me in a journal form. Contains inside jokes, confessions, updates, codes, stories, and witt.


I'm Grace, and im fourteen on the 11th of July. Buy me a gift or i'll kill you. Relax i'm just joshin ya'.No i'm not. I'm pretty mature for my age, but that's only my thought. I cheer, run track, and take an art class. If your full of drama don't even talk to me. Drama wastes time I could be using for something else..maybe something positive? I have a slight obsession with foreign coun tries, so when i'm older i'm gonna go to Progue,Italy,France,Germany,United Kindom,Spain,Sweden,Norway,Greece, Japan, all those great places. I write in that journal up there not too often, but if your looking to kill time, reading it would be a smart choice.
I recently realized that i love my school soso much and i don't want to leave in June. I think it's so sad that we all go our separate ways, and to think that I might never see some of you guys again really gets to me. I feel like pretty much everybody is ready to move on, i am too, but part of me wants to stay. Iv'e been with these kids since i was five, thats a while. Everybody BETTER come to the reunion in 20 years. I'll never forget my days at school, the good times and bad. SMS Class of 2010.<3 I love to death the people I meet on here, they are some of the nicest people i've ever known. Everybody is just so interesting and has their own unique personality, it's great. I love love love all of my friends on here and wish we could hang out more.): I have a slight obsession with everything ghetto, but i'm a fail. I'm a strange girl, you'll love me. Chat me up! Byessss Lovelies!

(G) "Woah that cupcake is so fat!"
(B) "Cupcakes can be fat?"
(G) "Yeah look at that one Its ginormous!."
(B) "I dont judge."

my life be like..



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GraceeAlice Report | 03/27/2010 2:36 pm
if she is in ur dance class wouldn't that mean your nine too?...$.$
Winky Dragon Report | 02/12/2010 9:21 pm
Winky Dragon
hey u look like me friend her name grace 2 but she is in me dance class and like only 9!??

u can pm me
SKINNY NLGGA Report | 01/28/2010 4:45 pm
y dont you talk to me and i dont stalk you
Blue Apple Soda Report | 01/27/2010 5:50 pm
Blue Apple Soda
hahaha rly? thats kinda funny!

and sorry its takin me so long.. i keep gtn distractd..
Blue Apple Soda Report | 01/27/2010 5:42 pm
Blue Apple Soda
its curly!? haha awesome! but yet dificult haha ooh awesome! i wore my hair up today.. i nvr do to school.. haha
Blue Apple Soda Report | 01/27/2010 5:34 pm
Blue Apple Soda
so i read ur about me thing and guess what! i used to have superdy long hair too haha i got it cut though.. but it almost tuchd my pants!
i bet ur hair is hard to deal with haha mine sure was!
Blue Apple Soda Report | 01/27/2010 5:26 pm
Blue Apple Soda
i put that i want a blue horse with pink polka dots as my status on myspace and my friends all laughd.. hahaha
how have u been?
iSweet Bubble Gum Report | 01/19/2010 3:54 pm
iSweet Bubble Gum
Any time you want just tell me when.
TopNeko Report | 01/18/2010 6:16 pm
If only i had the time xP
During monday through friday, I'm really busy.
CassieRenaeJ18 Report | 01/18/2010 4:01 pm
haha biggrin