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.:[READ THIS ENTIRE PROFILE.]:. OK, let's see... I'm 19 years old, I like Rock, I like Movies, I like Anime, I like Manga and I like Gothic-Clothing Stores... I'm not Emo, so don't confuse me for an Emo. I don't really like Emo people, to be honest. Too much emotion, too sensitive, to quick to use the, "I'm gonna go cut my self!" Or "I'm gonna commit suicide!" Cards. You know what? The world really isn't that bad of a place. And if you hate it so much, there's always a solution to being emo. I mean, your house does have a roof, I assume? There's nothing to keep you from jumping. Think I'm a b***h? Lol, I don't care. It's my opinion, deal with it...



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As far as "Cyber Sex" goes... Yeah, I like to do it from time to time. And to be perfectly honest, I'm extremely good at it. I've been called, "The best" on more than one occassion. Couple that with the fact that I'm too lazy to go around shaking trees, rocks, and bushes all day to find gold, here's the rules for cybering. Rule 1.) I don't take Cybering to a serious level. I.E, if you cyber with me, that DOES NOT make you my Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Lover, Date-Buddy, Husband, Wife, Fiance', whatever. It's just cyber-sex. I mean, come on people, this is the INTERNET for crying out loud. 2.) If you want to cyber with me, then I will agree to it, FOR A PRICE. Yes. You will pay me. Not with IRL money, with Gaia Money, so don't get all worked up over it. Now, the first thing some of are thinking right now is, "Omg lol ur a slut/whore!!1" You know what? Two things. One, "Ur" is not a word, so go back to the first grade and learn to spell. Two, I don't care what you think about me. It's the INTERNET. Seriously, grow up and get a life. If you've got time to waste insulting people over the internet, then you should get a job and move out of your mom's basement, you 40 year old virgins. 3.) You WILL Pay Me BEFORE we cyber. Not to be rude, but I don't trust you Hornballs as far as I could throw you. Prices can be negotiated with me, but chances are I'll charge about 20 to 30 gold. Maybe more, depending on what you want to do. 4.) There will be NO exceptions to rule 3. You will not pay me AFTER. Payment will happen BEFORE Cybering happens. I cannot stress that enough. 5.) Alternate forms of payment: I will accept items as forms of payment, depending on what the items are. And, AGAIN, you will send me the item BEFORE we Cyber. I WILL NOT be ripped off. I'm not stupid, don't expect me to act like I am. 6.) If I say "No," then that means "No." I realize there are some people, guys and girls included, who may not get that the first time, so I'll say that again. "NO," means "NO." That doesn't mean Get Pissy and Get Jealous and start calling me names in Town, or wherever. It doesn't mean throw a hissy fit and threaten to kill yourself. It means I said "No." I have my reasons for saying, "No." And you will respect them. 7.)If you want to Cyber, Private Message me. We'll work out our arrangement, meet in a town and go find a place. Guys and Girls are both welcome. I'm Bisexual. Yes, I said it. Bisexual. I like guys and girls. Wh00-h00. Now that we've put laughing at that word behind us, just obey all of the rules I've listed above and everything will be fine. Call me a slut, call me a whore, I really don't care about your opinion. You do what you're good at, I do what I'm good at. I just happen to be good at sex. Deal with it.