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DeidarasBombette Report | 06/07/2014 9:44 am
finally got my wings! cost me a pretty gold coin, but was worth it.
DeidarasBombette Report | 03/03/2014 7:12 pm
i've been on and off, mostly busy with Tumblr,lol thinking of bringing Xander into the rp, not sure where to put him though....
DeidarasBombette Report | 03/03/2014 6:57 pm
Dude long time no see! *hugs him*
DeidarasBombette Report | 03/28/2012 12:47 am
hey, when you have the time i need your help on my proboards website, i'm trying to revive it,lol but i need help getting rid of a certain someone's crap, care to help me? when you have the time that is,lol
Kristean Winters Report | 11/01/2010 8:13 pm
Kristean Winters
HI! long time no type!!!
Ryu Myojin Report | 09/08/2010 3:22 pm
Ryu Myojin
cool avi
Ryu Myojin Report | 08/06/2010 1:43 am
Ryu Myojin
User Image
Ryu Myojin Report | 08/04/2010 9:15 pm
Ryu Myojin
Trolololololing this profile for the lulz.
macmaczero Report | 07/19/2010 2:25 pm
any one wants to join me some time to earn more gold??
macmaczero Report | 07/19/2010 2:24 pm
tnx for that!!


Hello... Here's some stuff that I think you should know about me.

Hobbies: Writing, Reading listening to music (Mostly rock and country), watching anime, watching movies, playing video games

Fav Books: Inheritance Cycle, Twilight Saga, The Host, The Classic Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, The Once and Future King, Dracula

Fav Manga: Hellsing, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Bleach, Ruroni Kenshin

Fav Anime: none

There isn't really much else to say about me. I'm not an average guy (Comparing myself to the immature, sex-obssessed, and just overall idiotic guys that dominate my school). I am one of the few people that actually enjoys school. I'm one of those people that prefers a small group of friends that you can trust with almost anything over a large group of "friends" that you party with and that don't really care about you.

I am currently in the process of writing two books. To read what I have written for both of them, see below. I have URLs that should take you to the stories on

That's about all you can learn about me without talking to me.

See ya.

My Stories

Eternal Darkness: When a new drug, called "Omega" begins turning people into Vampires, the world becomes a much more dangerous place. When Vayne Morrison falls in love with a Vampire, his life is suddenly turned upside down and he is thrown into a world of Horror. (

Bleeding Hearts: Romance set in the 1800s. When David Manchrist meets Colleen Wohie, he immediately falls in love with her. Unfortunately, her fiancée, Lord Melborn, discovers their love, he does everything in his power to get rid of David, and to make Colleen suffer. (

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