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Gender: Female

Location: Middle of f**king no where

Birthday: 01/09/1993

Occupation: Wtaching Horror Movies


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Let those who do not understand me fear me.
Let those who understand me fear themselves.
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Nicknames: GoreGirl/GG(Use to be known as VVulfy; changed my username)
Age: 24
Orientation: Straight
Religion: Pagan
Status: Single

My Tattoos and Piercings:
5 Tattoo's
Dragon on my right arm
Butterfly on my lower back
Humming bird skeleton on my hip
Wolf on my upper back
Capricorn on my chest

3 Piercings-

My navel(which I've had done twice) ,
my tongue(8/27/11)
and my industrial.

Fav. Music:Any form of rock and sometimes country/hip hop if I'm in the mood.
Stereotype: Rocker/Goth/Grunge
Color addictions razz itch Black,Blood Red,Midnight Blue,and Silver.
Lucky numbers:3,4,7,9,11,13,21 and 69.


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Donchievious Report | 09/05/2021 8:04 pm
thank u for the purchase
Iove maze Report | 10/07/2020 3:50 pm
Thanks for buying 3nodding
xDistant Report | 06/14/2018 2:30 am
Sorry for the random comment, just wanted to say I love your avi heart
Mori_Moss Report | 04/18/2018 10:12 am
Thank you for the purchase! 3nodding
Reisen100 Report | 12/19/2017 12:29 pm
looks like need look up touhou tewi inaba way some ears are in pic + trying not use ears have on my reisen thanks for rate look up bunny ears not a lot I like heart
MorbidThot Report | 01/10/2016 6:16 pm
Your avatar is amazing.
x DEViANTdoll Report | 12/26/2015 5:31 pm
Love the avi!! Very creative
Sun Gadget Report | 11/09/2015 6:11 am
I am diggin your avatar. 3nodding

Tempted to put off my 2 current commissions to draw it. LOL
Her Desiree Report | 08/02/2015 3:54 pm
I love your avatar <3
Vivianne Morena Report | 01/07/2015 10:20 pm
thank you very much for buying!