Hello there.
My real name is Tania, but you can call me whatever you want.
I'm not active on Gaia Online anymore, I am now playing Lost Saga.
I'm in Canada, Quebec with the Frenchies.
High school, 8th grade. (No Middle Schools where I live.)
Born the 29th August.
Favorite colors are Jade Green, Red and Black.
I like to laugh and smile.
I'm not really social at first, but once I get to know you I become a monster.
I have a lot of empathy.
I love horror movies and games.
I like reading books.
My Hobbies are: Watching TV, Sleep, Eat and Laze around.
I love science and history. <3
I am very open-minded, but I happen to judge popular people.
I like to Roleplay, yet always fail to act as a character. Unless it's a character fr9m H9mestuck.
I made my account when I was around 9-10, which was a bad idea.
I can be nice, but I can be a butthole too. c:
I'm around 5'5, precisely 5'4 and a half.
Last time I checked, I weight 116.7 LBS.
I can be depressing sometimes, but changing the topic could help.
I have a very VERY short memory, but I don't have Amnesia and/or something else.
I'm baptised Catholic, but I don't really believe in Jesus and God stuff.
I have a sexy imagination.
You can leave a Comment, ask questions. I won't bite, but I won't answer the next day you commented. I just don't even get in this account anymore.
And I guess that's it.
See ya~