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Good food!!!!!!!!

-miso soup
-asain food
-french fries
-french toast (i make it myself!)
-ice cream!!!!
-thai tea


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Welcome! and enjoy! lolz! hope u buy something! thx and come again!!
P.S. if you dont want to buy you can also trade. just no blank trade requests plz.
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golden_aqua_angel's awesome life <3

um. i guesss my journal is just about what happened if anything happened that day. mostly good things but sometimes badthings. which i hope dont happen to me.



i have only 4 baby ducklings now....poor Rocky died....

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Moshi Moshi!!!! hihi!!!!!!!!
sorry but i wont be on that much any more.
and plz if u want to trade dont send me blank trade request.
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Name : Sarah


hey ppl! and welcome to my profile.
idk what to really say about but im very interesting and sometimes but not all the time random. well.....lots of ppl dont think im random...i guess. just ask anybody...


i really care about my friends and i always want my friends to have the best. i hope they will have a good future and has a great life. i want them all to be happy and to have the bestest friends ever. and i love all of u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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light brown hair- Gaby, dark brown- me, guy- actavio, purple-ish hair- desiree, and last but not least the last girl is alyssa.


Poems by me


Why am I always sad?
Just tears that fall
out of no where.
They hurt
and I hurt.
The hole in my heart
just consuming me.
I feel,
I feel,
so unneeded.
Just to be alone
feeling things.
You were here but,
I still ask myself,
Why do I still feel alone inside?
Why do I feel that?
Why is this hurting me so much?
The answer is
deep within me.


What is faith?
Is it something gracious,
Or something we might
Not understand.

What is faith?
Is it something we need in life?
Is it something that
Is required?

What is faith?
Is it a religious meaning?
Something we need in
A religious sense?

What is faith?
Is it something we can
Get from someone?

Its is a thing
We always question.
Something that doesn’t
Feel right to ourselves
And each other.


The day we were born;
The day we saw
Our parents for the
First time;
They day we were
Brought into this world;
The day that our
Parents calls a miracle.

The world in my perspective

The world;
Is it round
Or flat.
Something that
We live on.

The world;
Its endless.
Full of possibilities.

The world;
A big sphere in
Outer space that is floating.
Something huge to us
But, small to the universe.


Sticky but wonderful.
And also very squishy
Tasty and good.
All the things I like
Are in this little package
Of jell-O
Awesome-ness in a little package
Full of flavor and full of delight
Different flavors in each
Different package


People who love you,
People who care for you,
People who want you
To be happy even if you
Have a big problem,
People who will cherish you
People that will be with you
And help u in your time
Of need.
People who you can count on,
People who you have things
In common with.
People who will stay with
You in your darkest hour.
People who will make you laugh,
People who cares enough to
Help both you and your family,
People who will read to you
People who you will talk
With on the phone for 2 hours,
People who you trust,
That is a true friend

Full of annoyance

Your so weird and
So annoying!
Stop trying to hold my hand!
I told you
I don’t like you!
But you still come
Running back to me.
Just give me some
Peace for once!!

Why do u follow me!
Is it because you think
I’m full of glee??
Do you know,
By any chance,
How this makes me feel??

It makes me feel so bad!
It feels like I have a stocker!
It makes me feel mad!
I don’t like u like that!
So stop!
I just want to be friends
With you like I am with Matt!

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#1 Dad

My dad is the #1 dad.
He’s the best dad in the world.
He’s smart and funny,
With a big sense of weird humor.
Sometimes I don’t know what he’s saying.
Its hard to have the #1 dad in the world,
But I love it at the same time because
He is my favorite dad of all.


My favorite kind of cake.
So delicious.
Big and full in my tummy.
The best food of all.
I can eat it all the time.
I want to have you everyday for desert.
I love you so much!


The pets I had were a mess.
All kinds of pets.
All from swamp animals to
All the animals in Africa.

I’ve had dogs and cats,
Alligators and rats,
Bears and ducks,
Does and bucks!
Hamsters and fish,
And a snail on a dish!

I’ve breed jellyfish and sting rays.
(Many of them doing plays)
I’ve played with tigers and armadillos,
And a turtle with its favorite pillow!

As you can see,
I’ve had many pets in my life.
Although the best pet I’ve ever had
Was so obedient and did every thing I asked,
My beautiful pet rock!


idk what to say about myself so ill list some things. =P

i like------
to write poems sometimes
-i love miso soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-i love to cook-loves to talk to ppl!
-is a background actress
- i've been on a couple of tv shows and a movie as a extra and its really fun!-loves anime and asian dramas!!!!!!!!!!
-i like Fahrenheit(band)
-i like S.H.E (Shou Ni Ai Wo)(band)
-1 liter of tears - an asian drama its really sad and i thought my life was really bad but....
-asian food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Yuna Ito
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gray hair= maren, blond hair= dominique, brown hair= ashley, pink hair= me, purple hair= Crisina


i dont like/hate---
-i dont like fakes
-i dont like ppl who just come up and make fun of me and just treats me like im invisible
-i dont like backstabers
-i dont like ppl who just lie to me to get my attention
-i dont like ppl who dont keep their promises
-things that hit me in the head. lolz razz
-ppl who make me cry
-ppl who just asume things
-ppl who dont bother to talk to me unless they need something. other wise like im being used
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i fimaly made a MSN!!!
its Imagered hair= Crisina, pink hair= Ashley, purple hair= me, green hair= javier, blond hair= alex.


i also have a youtube account. its sooooo awesome!!!! my sn there is Peachyanimefreak


i have an AIM!!!!!!!!!!!!! its a very weird sn though....heh its davielovzangel. it was really random at the time but i still got 1 so...dont get mad. lol. add me as a buddy and talk to me there to!!!!!!!!! its fun!!! lol.


idk but sometimes i just think that i have the worse life ever and i think its horrible cus of friends who just backstabb me and sometimes my parents and stuff like that. but i still continue to care for my friends and every1. to cry is so easy for me to do every night... i hope i cant let go of the greive and the horrible memories that lay deep in my heart. just to let go of all of those things that i left building up in my heart for many years. hopefully u will all help me do that.


soooo...thx for visiting my profile and add me as a buddy!!!! lol. thx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is a little bit of how i look like

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WishxHope Report | 06/15/2009 3:23 pm
how yah been?!?
WishxHope Report | 05/30/2009 4:17 pm
i havent talked to you in forever!!!!!! D:
king of the peace Report | 04/03/2009 10:43 pm
cute pictures!!!
bobby the camel Report | 02/28/2009 5:46 pm
you no who i am brother!
kiwi rooster Report | 02/22/2009 1:09 pm
its the best you can do
SillyBoyXJ031XITMX Report | 01/13/2009 7:56 pm
lols that was a long time ago and u didnt look like u were sad razz
SillyBoyXJ031XITMX Report | 01/12/2009 10:01 pm
wat ?
SillyBoyXJ031XITMX Report | 11/12/2008 10:19 pm
u dont know me cus im a stalker but i know where u go to school at :O :O :O :O

haha jokes yeh this is joel
Panda Go Moo Report | 11/11/2008 9:07 am
SillyBoyXJ031XITMX Report | 10/20/2008 2:52 am
lol KEENO HATER and joel a wid the sexy glasses


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sooooo cute....


do this....

when someone (ur friend) looks at u with the look like u offended them. u say "oh come on! u kno i love u!" works like a charm. lolz!

Dream avi's

Brightdown by Nami Tamaki

Endless Story by Yuna Ito

Reira starring Yuna Ito - Truth

Urban Mermaid by Yuna ito

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best fwend-->
(in real person)

My band mate!!! LOOOOL!

human agian!!!!