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wahmbulance Pretty much gone from Gaia, but thanks for stopping by wahmbulance

Since you're here. My name is Gold and Oranges, and I don't give out my real one any longer. I'm 30-ish. In college and a delivery driver for a shipping company. I honestly love my job and the majority of my coworkers. I'm seeking my degree in family science to be a social worker when the driving thing gets old. I volunteer for my local animal shelter and write a novel-length piece every two months. I'm not a social person by any stretch of the imagination and will come across like a rude b***h until I get to know you better. I've met the love of my life, he makes me laugh, he makes me smile and he makes me feel safe. I adore him. emotion_bigheart

I love the outdoors, music (I'm in that marching band in the video!), photography and cooking. I have tattoos, I have piercings. "The friendliest people I've ever met have been either covered in tattoos and piercings, gay or both. The most judgmental people I've ever met have spent every Sunday in church"

I could easily be considered a damaged soul, but that's what happens when you meet someone who wants to kill you and tries very hard to make it happen. "A damaged soul is dangerous, they know they can survive." To that end, I fear very little but I'm not stupid either.

Thanks for stopping by, sorry I didn't get a chance to get to know you better!


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Riku Lucifen Report | 12/14/2013 5:19 am
Riku Lucifen
Better late then never...? sweatdrop
*Sigh* Got a new phone, cannot get the gaia app. If I could I'd be on it all the time. xD
GOD SCHOOL. One teacher is leaving, so we have to get all his assignments done 2 months early. ALL OF THEM. UGH. -____-
And, friends getting on my nerves, doing things they really shouldn't. Least it brought me closer to another friend. That's good, I guess. smile
Pronounced: Ars-d. Your arse is you posterior- bottom. It just means I can't be bothered. xD

Flu over, I hope? :/
Daaaaaw.... Nan came back a few weeks ago, so we had to give her dog back. Miss her... Still, you never said what happened with husky! It ok? D:
Thanksgiving go well?

Tired. Too tired. And a little angry at people. But "to err is human to forgive divine", I guess.
Riku Lucifen Report | 12/01/2013 10:50 pm
Riku Lucifen
Will reply, just swamped by coursework! D:
Riku Lucifen Report | 11/24/2013 4:17 am
Riku Lucifen
Yeah, sorry. xP
Had a bit of an on/off time recently, so I haven't really been on. Plus the buckets of coursework. Which I reeeeeeealy should do now, but I can't be arsed. razz
How are you, buddy~? biggrin
Kay9214 Report | 11/08/2013 11:24 am
Sorry to hear about your doggy. D:
Riku Lucifen Report | 10/28/2013 9:54 am
Riku Lucifen
Replying soon! So much.... xP
Riku Lucifen Report | 10/09/2013 11:12 am
Riku Lucifen
Sorry about the long reply time.
It's like life wants to rub it in. After our next holiday, we have a group coming in to talk about the dangers of driving in general, and while I was at the gym the radio started talking about a new driving crash simulator they are making students take. -___- Just to explain, there was a collision, and his car was found the next day upside down in a ditch. I will miss him. heart
(I wanna point out that it wasn't like "that". He was just a real good friend. xP)

Yeah... It creeps me out slightly. Which is quite hypocritical of me, since I have a tendency to look through friends pictures or timelines sometimes. Not for any specific reason, like stalking. Just boredom. sweatdrop
Meh. This is why I don't like relationships. They all end. -____- Maybe I'm just lonely and bitter. xD
Slight inferiority complex, mixed with elements of neurosis and a higher neurotic personality. I am a bundle of joy to be blunt to. xD (Crush my confidence, send me into a river of tears, send me into a blinding rage, or no response at all. I am fun! xD)
I would hope they'd be honest too. Just not painfully so. I'd never tell that guy about the dad thing, though, in case he reacted badly. A lot of people would... xP

Spied on him from a distance...? Not remotely creepy! xD
Erm... Must we talk about driving for a while...? Its a touchy subject. :/
But, heh, typical! xD

What an original password. xD
I must say, it really does look beautiful there. I should prolly make one for you, but there isn't much in my village and nearby town... :/
O.o So many heights... Did I mention it is one of my fears? xD
Hah! Lucky to have a nearby beach. I'd love to go. I want to arrange it with friends, but I don't want to sound like a pervert, since most of them are girls. xD (Seriously, there are 4 boys in our group, and about 12 girls. O.o )
Riku Lucifen Report | 10/05/2013 1:10 pm
Riku Lucifen
Sorry about the lack of reply recently. I get to it soon.
Riku Lucifen Report | 09/25/2013 10:13 am
Riku Lucifen
I shall do, at some point! I just don't like people I don't know that well who I am friends with (That is, IRL acquaintances) finding stuff out. People can be harsh and judgemental... I suppose the same also applies to some of my actual friends too. :/ I only really joined to contact my friends. razz

Well, only about 15 of them I could consider true friends, and then those 2 friends who I could trust with anything....
Nope. Hardly a sensitive subject. I don't mind talking about it. He cheated on my mum and left her when I was 3 months old. Still visited every so often, but it was hardly an amazing time. Him and step mum 1 stayed together for a while, had another kind, then he was caught cheating again, and went onto other women. I know of 3 marriages, including my real mum, but there could be more. He didn't even tell me about the most recent one. But it ended in divorce again, with another child. So for all I know I could have many more siblings, and he could have been married many more times. razz

But surely they'd lie to my face if I asked if they found me clingy. There is one guy who I know I am clingy to, because I see them almost like a replacement for my dad, through he would never say I was. razz
Was that a hint I shouldn't call you it? No problem, I won't~! xD I should be more careful, though. I'd never tell that guy I see him almost like a dad, even though he does joke like he acts like it over me.

I tend to think I bother people in general, so I go from talky talky mode for a day or two, to absolute mute. People get concerned. xD
But you invited us over! D:

And now, with your blessing, I shall win the lottery! D:<

No problem! I would have been more, but I was running out of time... :/

Good luck!
Riku Lucifen Report | 09/23/2013 10:49 pm
Riku Lucifen
Will reply soon! Prolly later today! Just slow. I need reminding of these things... xP
Riku Lucifen Report | 09/19/2013 8:32 am
Riku Lucifen
I haven't really been sent anywhere... ^___^''
I don't like to follow or like pages. I do it to keep up with friends. razz They send me stuff, though~ I should check it out~!
I have 71, but they are only people I know, and I really only talk to 10 or so. Multiple I only added because I see them daily, and cannot ignore it otherwise they'll say something. Could remove some now...
Ignore them. People who have the time to send messages like that are clearly insecure about themselves. -____-
Used to be able to only be seen by Friends+ Friends of friends, but they removed it for new users. :/ Pretty bad, since I'd rather my dad doesn't try to contact me. I could block messages, like you did, though...

I don't like to get violent, and I am pretty bad in a fight. I tend to do the same thing. xD
I have something on almost everyone I know. If they try to cross me, I will unleash hell. :3
Meh, hypocrite.
I sometimes wonder where the border between friendship, best friends and acquaintances is... Strange, I know. I wonder how people see me? :/

Oh, no! She doesn't have feeling for me! I think? She's getting with another guy, at least. Meh, I'm cynical. Don't believe in love. Perhaps it's because I've never been in a real relationship. razz

I feel the same towards you and Misa~! And maaaaaaaaybe Kay. Maybe. xD Online besties! Eh, I feel the same way. It's prolly cause you don't know us that it is easier to talk? There are still a few things I'd never talk to you about, but then I'd never tell my IRL friends about it either. Deepest secret..... xD

Daaaaaaw! whee

Hah! I am lucky~! xD

AH! Cousin Itt from the Addams family! xD
Ah, it looks nice~! biggrin


-*- Make today count, you surrendered a day of your life for this

-*- Be kinder than you 'should' be because everyone is going through something

-*- Remember the good and forget the bad

-*- It's easier to realize when you CANT change something than to fight a brick wall for eternity. Accept what you can't change and enjoy the rest.

-*- Enjoy life while you can, it will be over before you know it.

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