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A young man with aqua hair flowing in the wind that match his eyes steps up to the stand. The restless crowd is immediately hushed after the man holds up his left hand. His lips form a broad smile. "I..." He says because that's all he has time for, well, before the trapdoor beneath the stand opens up with a loud CLANK! "I knew this would happen to me soon, but please not now!!!" the man screams as he slides through a wide tunnel for a few minutes in complete darkness until he sees a small light. The more he falls, the closer it gets. Soon the small light has turned into a large ring of light that he is rushing towards at 112 mph. Once he hits the light, however, it dims down quickly into a small light bulb in a room with crates, pieces of paper, and empty bottles of ale clustered everywhere. In fact, it took him a few minutes to even find the door leading out. There are two other men in the room, one pretty muscular and the other looking like he ate weight loss bars for breakfast everyday. "Goku, I'm glad you could make it." The skinny one says with a smirk. "What do you think you're doing??!" Goku punches the north wall. "I was in the middle of an important speech!" Goku is now infuriated. "Don't blame me, you've been putting off this ceremony of enterance into Gaia for a very long time" The muscular man says with a shaky voice. "Xignex said he'll have my head if it dosn't happen right here, right now" Goku punches the wall again. "Ajihad... now he might as well chop me up and feed the pieces to..." Goku soon regrets his words. "I guess I shouldn't have said that. Well every second I stay here is another second closer to a premature ending to my journal titled 'My Life'. No pun intended." Goku walks out through the door and into the world of Gaia.


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My Life Story

It's basically an autobiography of my life in Gaia.




It's your life, don't let anybody live it for you - Me