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ANIKA ITS ZEKE smile can you donate?? i got hack man gud :/
Namazuo Toushirou

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Namazuo Toushirou

I reckon I used all 950
It was a while ago that I got Ichi-nii emotion_sweatdrop
Namazuo Toushirou

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Namazuo Toushirou

I got Tsurumaru when I was smithing for Ichi-nii
But I did get him >u<
He's back home with little Namazuo
Namazuo Toushirou

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Namazuo Toushirou

((also I love your avi too, Saniwa-chan
i forgot to add this to the last comment i'm sorry;; ))
Namazuo Toushirou

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Namazuo Toushirou

Ichi-nii hasn't come to the citadel yet, but I will not let my hopes down!

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707 crosplays all day everyday~ I do wish you luck with making Zen tho. I have a lot of school work too. I hate my typography class for how much work we have. My teacher is crazy.

Ah, I c. I'm not used to what's seen as fine... for reasons. I'll prob still keep it on the down-low 'cause I'm a bit shy about it now.

lol Zen does have a lot of drama throughout. I think Yoosung has a lot of drama too? I got his bad end before the drama though lol. Jaehee didn't have too much drama. She just trolled Jumin lol.

I'm going slow too. //also can't buy hourglasses. I got busy so I'm trying to put it aside until I have the time to do it. Like, really? Chat is open at midnight and at 3am? Not to mention during my classes. Y u do this game? ;;

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lol I should stop posting as 707 since it takes up so much space~

If you get a Zen avi, you can be the prince and I'll be princess 707 lol
Ah, what about method of songxi with a item for white bangs? That recolor isn't available in the marketplace tho crying I'd use Ivory baronet for the bangs since I have it on hand.
Or maybe "Guy's Tiny Tail" in salon Durem? confused

emotion_8c I just found out a good cosplayer I know irl did 707...
ahah... I guess... I'll just share my cosplay with people online redface Is it weird for people to cosplay the same person? emotion_sweatdrop

I like Jumin's gap moe lol. I like gap moe period. I really don't like how he treats Jaehee though ;; she made her faint from her working before crying //not really much of a spoiler???

Ah~ things get interesting on day 10 for Zen... that rhymed I liked his route heart I don't think there's much mysteries to find out from his route. If you played other routes day 10 might not be as interesting lol or if you looked up spoilers XD I kinda used a guide only as a crutch. Just to dodge bad ends and help me make up my mind when I'm indecisive.

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Oh! I'm just as handsome if not more so than Zen, you say?
AH! Wait! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Don't say that in front of him though. Zen can be quite the beast when he's mad ;;

Yes! Give me Elly~

((lol I don't think you've even seen me before? Unless your a hacker! XD I can see how Zen would be hard. Mostly the hair. I feel like I've seen an item for his hair? I can't remember - ^ -" hm... I like Zen and 707 but I've only played Zen's so he's my fav.
lol you like Jumin and Zen? They're polar opposites XD I'm trying to like Jumin - w -" I hope I'll like him more once I play his route... I played Jaehee's route so I don't have the best impression of him at the moment))

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lolololol you must really like Zen to mention him specifically~
Everyone is doing fine. You can give always give him a call if you're worried.
If you hear from Jaehee, see if she'll let me over to see my Elly
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((Thanks. I mostly just used items I have lol. I'm trying to find the right eyes though >_< I also got a wig irl as well as yellow glasses and a cross necklace. Hope I can put together something for him~))


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