.:About Meh!:.

Name: Elena
Nickname: E, Ellie, Pooky
Age: 15
Gender: Female
-Playing Video Games
-Going Online
-Scary movies
Personality: Well im nice, unless you get on my bad side,(called Pandora Elena xD), im not a prep, but i am a big blonde, meaning i don't use my own common sence.
Bio: Not much really, i am a pretty okay person, i do have a temper and i don't tend to get many thing's. XP So i may laugh but then ask you "what?". I am a big time blonde but i really can't help it. lol. I love to roleplay anything..well almost. lol. Just PM me if you want to know. ^^ I am shy if i don't know you at first but after a while, once i warm up to you, i talk alot more. I am a very nice person, and very friendly. Im not any kind of category. Im not emo, or a prep, or punk. Im really just my own category. Guess that's all. If ya want to know more pm me. ^^


-Do not. I repeat. Do not ask me for gold for whatever reason!
-Do not send me chain letters, mail, whatever. You will Be blocked.


Kingdom Hearts I & II
Final Fantasy X & X-2
Xenosaga III
Valkery Profile 2

In order for there to be life, there must be death. If there is no death, then we will have no will to live. So, in order for us to have a will to live, there must be death. It is all part of the grand design.

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Report | 09/08/2007 4:39 pm


Help someone call the police Pandora Elena attacked me!!!
sha ryu

Report | 09/08/2007 3:06 am

sha ryu

xD, ah, i be bored,

>_< so much yet so little to actualy do on the interwebz, its quite amazing really.
sha ryu

Report | 09/07/2007 5:20 pm

sha ryu

he he, i like your media,
sha ryu

Report | 09/06/2007 4:55 pm

sha ryu

im sorry, i just have a habit of confusing people User Image

trust me to make something relitivly simple confusing >_<
sha ryu

Report | 09/06/2007 3:24 pm

sha ryu

sorry for confusing you so >_<
sha ryu

Report | 09/06/2007 12:07 am

sha ryu

your avis head and overall style, the hair, although mine is lighter and the hat.
sha ryu

Report | 09/05/2007 5:18 pm

sha ryu

i dont know you know you, its just your a foaf (friend of a friend)

and i see you ad thought it was me for a sec
sha ryu

Report | 09/05/2007 2:19 pm

sha ryu


im not sure any more

Report | 09/05/2007 1:37 pm


Love youre avatar ^-^ Nothing much else to say bye!
sha ryu

Report | 09/05/2007 8:05 am

sha ryu

same hat, same hair, and roughly the same kinda coulors.

but you have a shirt, which is probably a good thing >_<


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