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before you talk to me, i should warn you: i am kind of strange.
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i believe in ka.
i am, simply, complicated.
i know much, and i know little.
i'm a classy a*****e - a classhole.
i'm unique, like you.
i want to move far away, 'cause the things these people have to offer, i don't want.
i am none and all of the above.
i corrupt people for the good.
i'm either the good person or the bad person, depending on you.

my ears are gauged, my lip & bellybutton are pierced.
my eyes are hazel. my hair varies between almost every color (currently a faded red).
yani sahagun is the person i love more than anyone, and he's the one who broke my heart.
i'm young (turning 17 in october), but if you treat me like i am, i'll think less of you. age is but a number. i'm a living testament to that.
i'm whiter than paper, and can't tan, just burn.
most of the time, i'm reading, writing, singing and playing videogames.
tyler christenson and shalene carrasco are my best friends.
i'm always wearing a little purple, pink and green.
i'm a pessimist to the core.
i can't stand the silence.
i'm ocd with grammar and spelling.
my phone's name is caerulean and it has hello kitty stickers all over it.
i'm better at coping than most adults.
i'm a sex addict and complete pervert.
i hate thunder because loud noises terrify me.
i don't like seeing people in pain, so i'll do anything to help them, even strangers.
i don't like people who try too hard.
i hate drugs and i won't let you do them if i can help it. but everyone has different views.
i've become wise because i've been severely hurt countless times (don't worry, though, i've learned that almost no one in this world really cares), and i've survived.
i'm probably the most genuine person you'll ever know because i'm not ashamed of who i am. if you don't like that, too bad.
i’m not a morning person; i'm extremely weak and i have a bad stomach.
i ♥ summer nights.
i write poetry.
i feel at peace when it's raining.
i love hugs, but only from specific people.
do not mention knives, razors or cutting to me.

a lot of people claim they're 'insane' or 'crazy' (how that became such a fad, i'll never know), but i certainly know a dark part of my brain is.
so, beware.
however, i'm also a very kind and helpful person. loyal, too, if you can put up with me.


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Quiet Corrupted Sanctum

It's just a journal. I won't put much of anything because I never can, even in my own journal's at home. I'm just a complex person who can never really understand what she thinks or feels about her situations. o_O


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Cool Avi

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Why sank you ;3
...I think. D;

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Thanx 4 da purchase
The Porcelain Cat

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The Porcelain Cat

Haha thanks.

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Yew rully think soe? <3

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biggrin !
Like right now, please?
Jace - The Mind Sculptuor

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Jace - The Mind Sculptuor

Hey there! Long time no chat! Send me a PM when you want to talk

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Some how, you are magical on my dear.... [Not sexual in any way shape or form]

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I love you


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