HELLO THAR!!! I am Alex, or Gods_A_Puss, and I am the singer of Beyond The Fallen based here in Spring, Texas. I go to Klein Collins High School and I am currently single. (Wish I wasn't, but she doesn't love me so who cares?)

Beyond The Fallen is a metalcore band and our major influences range all over the rock world. Metalcore is a derivitive of metal and hardcore punk. I respect alot of people in the rock world such as Andy Six, Nikki Sixx, Derek Sanders, and Craig Mabbit.

I respect these men alot. I will tell you each reason why I respect them. I respect Andy Six because he felt that he needed to tell the world that everyone does belong somewhere.

I respect NIkki Sixx because he conquered his heroin addiction and did the impossible. He is my personal hero because he conquered the world. I want to be like him but in love. Because I love my ex-girlfriend to death and want her back in my arms. I want to get her back and Nikki did the impossible, and that is what I am going up against.

I respect Derek Sanders because he sings just so beautifully and everytime I hear Miserable At Best and Terrible Things by Mayday Parade I cry my heart out.

I respect Craig Mabbit, well because he is Craig ******** Mabbit.

We are currently working on an ep and may or may not be out by the end of this year. Look forward to listening to us!

(Oh, and Olyvia if your reading this. I love you. And I forgive you.)

A Day To Remember - You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance

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My Vision

My vision will turn your world upside down. And turn asunder to the reality you believe so much in.


I am an aspiring song writer. I am in a band called Beyond The Fallen. We write about love and tradgedy and the hope for the future. We are metalcore, but more on the clean vocal side. I am the lead vocalist.

I am completely strait edge and will never do drugs and/or alcohol.

My hero's are Andy Six, Nikki Sixx, Craig Mabbit and Derek Sanders.

I am an impulsive person and do alot of stupid s**t. I am trying to control myself. It is really hard too.

I believe that everyone deserves love and hope. And everyone deserves as many chances if you love that person and believe they are soul mates.

I wish people would stop hating each other. I used to be that person. Hating the world. Well, it took a certain person to open my eyes and now I am gonna try to find the positive in everything now.

I am gonna live my life by a code. That code is peace, love, happiness.

I adore most types of music but hardcore gangster rap. It isn't my thing.

I'm a little tea pot short and stout, here is my handle, here is my ******** YOU!!!!