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Everyone needs a little smoke break if they've put as much of themselves into their work as I did. Hehe

Welcome one and welcome all. My name is Mai (pronounced like "my" as in "That is my man, not yours," you'd be surprised after even hearing me pronounce it several times how many of my professors manage to still screw it up) for the moment. I've been known by many names and will undoubtedly be known by many, many more in the vast expanse of futures to come.

All you really need to concern yourself with is the ever present me (if you didn't get that twist of words; just focus on the me that I introduce to you upon meeting even if it's not by the name Mai for really this is the internet; as if I'd let any of you in the every sexy young looking me). I'm nineteen now! Just two more years until I'm legally able to drink in America. Despite being considered an "adult" in some terms, I can always be known to act younger then upon request, in fact I prefer to after all I look it so why not milk it for all it's worth.

I can also act older when I deem it. This mostly happens when I'm pestered by people, encounter non-literate role players masking as something they're not, role players that are literate to an extent but not to the extent which they claimed (people seriously shouldn't do that, it makes me not want to role play with you anymore because you don't have the skills I'm expecting to make the plot all it can be), and finally the biggest thing that makes make me act my age or older are those non-descriptive, one-liner, and "txt" talking people.

If you aren't doing business with me, even then you are required not to text talk because if you want to strike a deal with me you need to be professional and face it text talking is far from being professional, there is no use for that. No I'm not a nit-picking grammar/spelling god. Yes we all make mistakes especially me. I suck at editing/grammar/spelling and all that jazz, hence the reason I type all my role play responses in Microsoft Word so the program edits the passage as much (it will not always catch everything and some of the things it thinks it "caught" are just fine) as possible before posting it. However, that doesn't give you the right to completely screw up the English language. As an aspiring novelist and possibly speech translator I won't allow it if you choose to interact with me.

I'm currently undergoing my second half of my freshmen year in college in an American school. This means loads of general education classes that are mandatory for graduation, tons of papers for both the composition classes I have, tons of tests to study for that I'm trying so hard not to fail despite procrastinating in studying for them, activities I attend more so for the extra credit then the simple fact that they're fun campus events (I can count all the "fun" activities I've attend on one hand and I'm proud to say I've still yet to gone to a school's sporting even since like...well actually I've never been to a game), declaring my major which I have so I'm worrying about scheduling for either the summer or fall semester of my sophomore year for the pre-requisites for that, having declared my minor (I don't intend to wait until my junior year like most to do all this because I don't intend to change unless I transfer schools which the option for that is looking pretty bleak at the moment), filling for financial aid for the summer to pay for my apartment (I've got about 3 months unaccounted for in the summer, June, July and August, with $125 of credit for June's rent. However, I need the leftover refund from after paying for my summer classes to cover the rent so I'm not worrying about it when the time comes to pay or owing my family anymore then I already do), applying for scholarships (need all the money I can get for summer and fall), redoing my health insurance, getting settled into Honors College which I finally got into after the misunderstanding upon enrolling in, filling out and possibly attending something called LeaderShape; it's not a school club/organization, if fact its a program I think happens once a year for a couple of days (10 I think) during the summer break and builds your leadership skills and stuff through activities (may or may not attend, I got invited due to getting on the Honor Roll fall semester), worrying about scheduling for bother summer and fall classes (that's like mid next month for me and now apparently because I'm in Honors College I get to do it even earlier then the rest; way to load on the pressure) , on top of needing pre-requistes for my major and looking into starting my minor I also need classes for Honors College that are mandatory to take once enrolled in (thankfully some are general education classes and count twice) ,and last but surely not least because hey this is college so more than likely something on this agenda will be added, maybe even this week, is possible training for track season which I've been putting off (naughty naughty me -spanks-) but will have to start soon if I plan to tryout in early November?

I almost 110% sure that's it; I'm think that's what the coach had said to me about when tryouts were when we talked about me wanting to possibly join (last November a couple days before Thanksgiving break; I know the fact that I haven't started training yet or even decided if I really want to do track despite having been months since then I found all the details is really pathetic). So yeah, I need to start training, no I'm not in bad shape but I'm not in professional track sprinter shape either. I'm just hoping I'm not picked (that is if I tryout and even make it on the team) as one of the sprinters that also runs long distance. Otherwise I'm going to have to train WAY harder than what I have in store.

So if you haven't understood yet that I have a BEEP loaded plate of BEEP to do meaning simply it's not like I make regular visits on gaia, then I suggest you find someone else to make nice with. Otherwise feel free to contact me on my YIM or MSN messenger because 9 out 10 I'll respond within that day to your message. I'm always logged on (unless I'm traveling to class with my laptop which means it will be in standby so I won't be logged in then however, if I'm not even on your friend list it wouldn't be like I'd show up online when you messaged me anyways) even if I'm away at class so feel free to drop me a message saying you saw me on gaia and wanted to look into role playing (though the second half about role playing is obvious but, I do have my SNs listed on various other sites so I do need you to include you're from gaia so I know what to base my response of from) and a bit about yourself (no not your personal life story; keep your private life to yourself unless it will affect your role playing, such as like me and my school. I rarely make close friends with those I role play and even if I do it doesn't often last long. What I mean though about yourself is pretty much your role playing technique, what you like and are seeking in a role play/plot, etc. Things like that is what I need so I know if I can role play with you or not). I'm pretty sure that's all I'll need; if you think anything else is vital enough to include I guess it wouldn't hurt otherwise I'll be sure to ask for anything you left out.
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Contacting Me
My email and MSN messenger is goddessboi_kitten@live.com and my YIM is divine_fists_ulca. I'll possibly be re-downloading AIM (ownedbykakashi). If I do I'll be sure to post up my SN for there too. I advised not to email me though because I have my off weeks where I decide not to check it for days. So for best response time AIM and MSN messenger are you best options in talking to me.

Hm. What else would I deem necessary for you to know? Well I'm a hermaphrodite so sir or ma'am is fine however, I lean more towards the male side so if and prefer boy even if I'm technically a man age-wise. You just never get the hang of being called sir when you could possibly pass as 12 to some still. I'm not longer looking for those two candidates. If you don't know what I'm talking about than it doesn't pertain to you, more importantly it just doesn't really matter. This something for those who might have read my profile before I edited it.

Eh, I consider myself to be an adv. lit role player specializing in long/short term homosexual paragraphing role plays. You can check out some of the pre-made profiles on RH and F-list. These are akin to pretty much profiled kink sites; so 18 and older kiddies. If you go through either of these sites you must have a profile there, or if you already have one and want to use that character but neither of the ones I've posted I'm sure I have something in my little goodies bag that could suit your sweet tooth that I haven't posted yet.
~Valik Nikitin


~Valik Nikita

I commission role plays for those through gaia. I have the form you need to apply for one of these role plays and the prices below:
Price Chart:
-Short Term Homosexual sad seme) 400g (uke) 200g
-Short Term Heterosexual: 400g
-Long Term Homosexual sad seme) 700g (uke) 500g
-Long Term Heterosexual: 700g

All payments are to be traded to GoddessBoi with the completion commission form and the acceptance of the role play. Don't send your trade until I have responded, we've discussed the details, and I have said something along the likes of "Okay when do you want to start the role play?"

Commission Form:

PM all completed forms (posted below) to GoddessBoi. Remember proper grammar, punctuation and spelling when sending your request as possible. No it doesn't have to be this perfect best-selling author perfectness, but I'm expecting it to be better then that of a primary school child (I've listed such a low standard because even in secondary school I was pretty far in my writing. Of course this does not mean everyone is the same but really people, At least put capital letters at the beginning of sentences and periods at the end if you're not using some other punctuation like a question mark or exclamation mark to end the sentence instead).

Gaian Name:__________________
Character's Name:_______________
Character's Age:___
Character's Gender: ___
Character's Traits:_______________________
Character's Extra: (anything else you can think you want your character to have or be)
Age requested:___
Gender requested: _____
Traits requested:________________________
Extra requested: (anything else you can think you want the commissioned character to have or be)
Desired Role Play: (short/long term and hetero/homo sexual; seme or uke)

In desperate need for cash? Check out my avi of the week in the avatar contest. 5 out of 10 there should be one (this all depends on if I'm logging on of course) and it will offer a way to earn 1k. Random comments are welcomed and sometimes rewarded depending on what they say. (i.e. saying "Wow I love your profile" or "OMG your avi is so cool" does not get you a reward. Those are standards random comments. I don't put time into designing my avi and page to not understand the obvious, being I did a nice job and the effort shows) Rude comments are ignored. Just don't bother with them (saying you dislike something of the avi's, i.e. saying you "shot" the unicorn in the background now making the avi better or claiming it'how you believe it's too cluttered with items is just wasting your and my time. It's not even worth the few coins you get for posting a comment. I mean really why should I have to even bother wasting my superior typing abilities to tell people that they're being rude when they know it and are doing it on purpose. However if you have some constructive criticism, (for those of you that not in a high enough level of high school or college that has explained what constructive criticism actually consists of it's saying something POSITIVE before you go on to saying what I could possibly fix next time. This does not mean you need to say "That's a horrible job on ____, you should have done_____." That's certainly not how it works at all and if you go and do it anyways you're a moron with too much time on your hands.)

The Hated
Text talk is not loved. If you want to thank me or ask me something I don't want to see this: "hey kan u sell me de montly collect letter n I give you the moni l8ter?"

I'm sure text talkers shorten and text talk way more then that but you get the idea which I'm trying to point out. I DEMAND full sentences, proper punctuation, and the correct spelling of all words to the best of your ability.I assume since you're all 13 or older, for that's the standard age for you have to be to be allowed on just about any site without parental consent, then that is fairly sufficient indeed. I know 14-year-old children, 7-year-old children, no even 6-year-old children who can write complete sentences with very little help so if they can do it so can you. If not then you'll be ignored, if you can though you just might be rewarded with cookies and when I mean cookies I mean the 500G worth shiny coins cookies that can be used to buy things on gaia all because you showed me you had and could use your brain. I repeat you don't have to be perfect because we all make mistakes me included just as greatly (my composition teacher loves to tally up the side of my essays) but, I need to be able to read and comprehend, emphasis on COMPREHEND, what you are saying without thinking and replying "Huh?" doing that emote scratching the side of it's head with a very confuzzled look we have in the game rooms.

Anyways so long as you follow all that's listed and don't ask or say something stupid that's clearly posted somewhere in here then I think we can all get along rather nicely. I'm generally (lies I tell you! They're all lies) a nice person. Ignore the commentary there. Hehe. So long as we have an understanding of the dos and do nots we can probably interact together without some very harsh statements on my side concerning your intelligence and tears on your side along with probably unintelligent comebacks where in I state my point proven. Jaa ne then dearies!


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can i please just have a lonely star pack 9 please

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^_^;; your avi is so cool!
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Thanks for buying the kiki.
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She's drawing me free avi art of my avi and her avi (she's shackling me up) D: Lol
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