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Report | 05/08/2018 4:25 am


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Report | 04/29/2017 6:35 pm

Queen Kreepz

Love it!
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Report | 03/19/2017 3:56 am


please friend me i'm on season 6 on the show... and i would love to rp with u!
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Report | 07/23/2016 12:52 am


Destiel FTW <3
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Report | 11/20/2015 10:16 pm

Intelligent Winchester

I hope I run into you again.
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Report | 09/09/2015 10:42 am


Your avatar and profile are amazing.
Fav Sammy hair? biggrin

Am interested in maybe rping with you sometime. c:
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Report | 02/10/2015 11:27 am


Hey Dean-o wink
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Report | 01/04/2015 6:42 pm


cool avi
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Report | 12/02/2014 11:39 am

Angel CastieI

"You don't?" He returns the smile before looking down shyly, "that's good." He doesn't know where all this oncoming shyness came from. Usually he's not fazed too much by the hunter, but there was just something about that smile that made the angel's stomach fill up with a pleasant warmness. Castiel thinks it was probably always there but he never really had the benefit of free time to pay much attention to it. Perhaps now that they could relax for a but Castiel could spend some time figuring it out. He glances back over at Dean, noticing that he seems to be in deep thought about something. Apparently Cas wasn't the only one who had some thinking to do. "Dean? Are you alright? You seem to have a lot on your mind." He knows he could easily find out what was occupying the hunter's thoughts but Dean didn't like the mind reading thing, and Cas had to respect that. "Oh! Okay, yes...that's...quite a different meaning." He lets out a small embarrassed laugh and feels his cheeks heat up. "I do miss the television, humans are quite amusing to watch on it." He reaches up and begins to scratch at the dried blood on his cheek, "I think I should wash up, this is starting to itch." He walks towards where he thinks the shower is and opens a random door. Immediately he realizes he'd walked into what he would guess is Dean's room. "Oh, my apologies...."
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Report | 11/26/2014 5:41 pm

Angelic Headtilts

I'm sorry to hear about all of that dear. I still think they're the ones at fault for not helping you out with proper training and management. I really hate all of this and I hate that I missed you when you were actually online. Even if it's only a little bit I'm glad I can still talk to you sometimes. You're the only one who talks to me anymore and my roommate decided he's going right from his work thing to his parent's this year so I'll have to be by myself for longer. I wish I could help you. I wish there was something I could do. Please just be safe okay? Be safe and keep remembering I'm here. When do you think you'll be able to get online again? Or do you think you'll be able to get your phone back soon? I don't want to sound like I'm pushing, but I just really miss you. I think I just have some kind of stomach thing but I've been just trying to sleep it off and lay around. If only I didn't have a stupid errand to run.. I would have been able to talk to you.
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Report | 11/25/2014 8:40 pm

Angelic Headtilts

; n ; *snuggs* I miss you to dear, it's still so quiet here but I've been okay so far, but I am kinda sick. I understand if you can't get on much and I know it's been bad weather a lot of places right now. In fact, we're supposed to get snow very soon which I'm not looking forward to at all. I'm glad you finally got your check and I hope that maybe you can start getting your phone back so we can talk again soon. *nuzzles* I'll still be here when you do get back and I look forward to being able to talk either online or on text. I'm glad you can at least get on and RP with me still. ; v ; I hope you're doing alright and I hope you can get on Friday. <3
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Report | 11/19/2014 5:53 pm

Angel CastieI

He lets out a quiet hum and gives the hunter a small shrug, "sometimes I think things would have been a lot easier if I was a pet. Being a cat would be enjoyable. I would miss my wings though." He pauses then looks up at the Dean, his cheeks gaining a reddish tinge from embarrassment, "I apologize, I'm rambling." He shuffles slightly and stares down at his shoes, frowning at the dried blood splattered on them. The angel looks back up and nods, "I'm not worried about that any more Dean and I do enjoy being "stuck" with you." He blinks a bit at Dean's odd actions and speech, confused as to what brought it on. Was it something he did? Cas raises an eyebrow when the hunter starts to back up, "Dean? Are you feeling alright?" If the angel didn't know any better he would think Dean was...flustered. He shakes his head and smiles a bit at the thought that someone who acts as tough as the hunter could ever be flustered. "I'm sure it's perfect Dean. It's already more of a home to me than heaven ever was." He begins to walk in the direction of the rooms, "hook me up? Is that the same as 'hooking up?'. I'm pretty sure they said that in the pizza man video."
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Report | 11/14/2014 11:05 pm

Angelic Headtilts

Really miss you...
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Report | 11/12/2014 10:17 pm

Angel CastieI

He frowns and tilts his head to the side, "Dean, you must know that wouldn't be possible. There's no way we could fit a zoo in here, they're far too big." However, when the hunter agrees to getting a cat the angel lightens up significantly. "That's wonderful. We should get it from an animal shelter, they really need homes." He gets lost in his thoughts for a moment before looking up at Dean with a small and what could be considered affectionate smile. "Kind of like how you gave me a home when I didn't have one. I've definitely felt like a homeless pet a lot lately." The angel moves his hand down Dean's arm, fingers lightly brushing against the other's, not really noticing what he was doing until after it was done. "Well I'd definitely prefer to be apart of this family than my other one in heaven, that's for sure." Cas's eyes widen a bit and he looks towards the direction of the bedrooms, "foam? That sounds fascinating, I may just have to steal your bed then," he gives Dean a small smirk.
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Report | 11/12/2014 7:00 pm


thank you smile i'm loving your freckles
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Report | 10/28/2014 4:59 pm

no one fux like hux

(Best Dean Winchester I've seen, good job!! heart whee )
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Report | 10/27/2014 6:02 pm

Angel CastieI

The angel can't help the small smile that forms at hearing Dean laugh. It was something he hadn't heard in such a long time and it was like music to his ears. He is a little confused at the laughter though, as nice as it is. He didn't think he said anything particularly funny, but then again he never really did understand most of Dean's humour. "Is there really? I had no idea. If they're as good as the apple and cherry ones then I'd be happy to expand my knowledge on pies." Perhaps he should learn how to make them, maybe that would get Dean to smile more like he was at the moment. Baking pies sounds much more appealing than fighting demons, that's for sure. He follows the hunter through the bunker and nods enthusiastically. "Of course. Cats add a much needed energy to any house. I think an orange one would be good. Maybe two! Or a guinea pig." The angel stares down at himself and nods, frowning at the dried blood. "Yes, I suppose that would be a good idea." He blinks and stares up at Dean in surprise, "my own room? That...." he pauses and moves towards the hunter, placing a hand on his arm, "thank you. That's very kind of you."
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Report | 10/24/2014 2:51 pm

Angel CastieI

The angel's eyes widen a bit at the hunter's enthusiasm at the mention of pie. He supposes he shouldn't be so surprised though, pie was Dean's favourite thing aside from his Impala. "Pecan? Isn't that a nut? There are pies other than fruit ones?" Castiel could almost laugh at the conversation and how different it was from any others he's had as of late. He's so used to discussing the chaos that heaven has become, and now he's talking to Dean about pie flavours. He follows the hunter into the bunker and feels his whole body relax for the first time in what feels like years. "I'm still amazed you and Sam finally have a permanent residence. But...I still think it could use a cat." He glances over at the hunter with a small amused smile.
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Report | 10/22/2014 4:01 pm

Angel CastieI

**what I've missed.
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Report | 10/22/2014 4:01 pm

Angel CastieI

He laughs quietly "you're right about that. I think trouble seems to follow us wherever we go. Perhaps we should rethink our lifestyles, but yes, I think we could both use a little rest. Plus I do enjoy the water pressure in the bunker and I could definitely use a shower." He reaches out and pulls lightly at the hunter's jacket, "you need some new clothes, this one has holes in it." The angel lets out a small laugh, "I'm pretty sure that recklessness is one of the main facets of your personality." He lowers his hand and fixes Dean with a deep stare, "you know why I've missed? Sharing pie with you. It was always enjoyable and I haven't had time to enjoy human things as of late."
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