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Hewwo! I'm Robin with a last name you will have to find out yourself. I blow the candles in May and i am 16 years of age. c: My best buddy in the whole wide world is kyle! He is amazing!!! <3 He is the greatest friend and he is one of a kind, just like everyone else.. c: ^^ Yepp yepp~ DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE RYAN! <3 my girl best friend is eileen she is a HILLARIOUS friend to be around with. Okay back on topic. About me! have a couple fears myself. i'm afraid to drive, i hate shots, i dislike loose hair (only somes hair which i do not know of), and i do not like it when my food have pda and touch each toher. damn sexual food. :I i also goto reinassance faires, if you go on my sisters profile, she is all crazy about pirates and stuff, because we cosplay as pirates, but im not that crazy about rein faire. c: Well if you want to know more about me, you just gotta know me better. now LEAVE. <3 Btw, I Love: Kyle, Annie, Jun, Cody, Soul, and Taylor! (my twin in rl). <3