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All why i glow

Hi, I'm Glow but please call me Mel let me tell you a bit about myself since you dropped by my wall. I came from Moba mingle about 4 years ago, I really will be 29 in the summer of the new year, I'm married, I'm a proud momma of 2 lil ones, I have a fasination with the color yellow, I'm a ex-goth, I love making friends and gold, I happen to be a bit OC about the way I do things, I'm afraid of thunder and frogs, I love life and see it as a adventure, and I also draw in my spare time. I want everyone that drops by to know that I love what I do but its best to rush or pester me for art what I do takes a lot of time and I can't always be online so your patience and understanding means a lot. And as a parent its best to know that I'm southern will tell you how I feel and will NOT tolerate bs so IF you start s**t with me I will block you...simple. I'm very nice once you get to know me but if you piss me off its a bad idea to make me "the bad guy" I can be a mega b***h (no lies) but if you're nice I will welcome you with open arms. I will leave with this in mind

I can be your best friend or worst enemy.....
your choice.

"i shall not yield to you or any man" ~king arthur




avi art corner

This is where I placed all of the art done for my avi done by so many kind artist here on gaia. I love avi art so much that it has really become the herat and soul of my profile. I personally thank all of the people that took out the time to draw my avi you guys are awesome and IF I forgot your name I apologize I'm not good about that kind of thing. I'm always posting for art and IF its not free then clearly I don't want it.
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User ImageDrawn by: aelreth

User Image Drwan by: The sheep god

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User ImageDrawn by: basicvanilla (I'm the one with the scarf)

User Image Drawn by my friend Blood maverick

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drawn by: Psymans love
User Image I made this myself


Fishies ~lol

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Temporarily down due crash issues I apologize for the crapiness of my profile ~Glow

im glows cousin I helped her get unbanned id do anything for her so weirdos can back off