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Report | 06/26/2010 4:44 pm

Lady Bitchington

Uhh i'm tired..
I just forgot everything you said..
Something about what i'm doing?..
And capslocking wiff ma buddehs.
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Report | 06/26/2010 4:33 pm

xx Broken Smiles

Ohhh that's clever and that made me laugh.
Because asians are THAT cool. XD
Psh, it's possible. Anything the possible. *opens up rainbow of happiness*
Yeah, I totally get that. But it was fun to watch though.
DOOM was epic! I was like... can I please play it again? Second time around was just as fun with my friends screaming behind me... wimps.
What do you mean, what the heck?
I'm seriously not getting you right now. Like seriously, I love Res.Evil 4. <3 <3
I don't know, I like a lot of games. ^^;;
Yeah, we can a BB too... but Rogers is generally closer to where I live.
YES! Almost to 200, babeh!
D'aww that made me blush. >///<
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Report | 06/26/2010 4:22 pm

xx Broken Smiles

Oh nuh uh! Is he "pretty fly for a white guy"?
(Oh well, I got 10 points anyways.)
Bioshock, I played with friends because like... I fell asleep sometimes in the middle of a game no matter how weird and twisted it is.
I also play DOOM. God, I love that game even though... I get a little twitchy after I play.
xD That is like Resident Evil 4... it's just you expect that one scene a big rape scene. ^^;;
Oh I rented Chuck from Rogers. Oh wellz. ^_^
Oh seriously? I didn't know that.
262... inc that 10 points? Because that would be 272.
Aww I feel so happy right now. <3
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Report | 06/26/2010 4:10 pm

xx Broken Smiles

Yup, you are a reg. Thomas Edison...
Exactly! Love that video game also... I know, I'm a reg. female gamer. Whatever!
That is the exact show that I am talking about! Woot another 10 points for the Mei...inator? Does that even work?
I love that show too!
Okay I'm around... 162 right now. Awesome. ^^
What did I have to do with you singing happy songs?

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Report | 06/26/2010 4:00 pm

xx Broken Smiles

That does. ^_^
... blushing is good for the intelligence.
Like randomly... "... OH MY GOD. PATCH GRASS" *boombooombooomboom*
Oh... right? What was I on again... 242 or something like that? I forget. ^^;;
I'm confused at what you just said... guh.
Watching Chuck at the time talking to you. (:
Yes! And I'll break out my secret collec. of Yu Gi Oh cards!
Hah! I can play the Star Wars theme song on my flute and guitar!
Aww thanks. redface
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:56 pm

Lady Bitchington

Howdy, i'm fabulous, you?
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:54 pm


Hah yeaaaahh.
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:50 pm

xx Broken Smiles

Yes! I say what I to say, Yu. So hah!
Awww that's sweet!
<3 <3
I love L4D! Like actually, I scream a little each time Fatty McFat pops on the screen but whatever.
Okay... 142 points now!? ^_^
I love you... hmmm what?
If I remember, you said you loved me first! XD
Shyaus! Partay! And I'll bring my sparkly lava lamp!
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:44 pm

Lady Bitchington

I think i pooped out a couple of screws?
You'd have to go through the drainage and sewers and junk though..
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:41 pm

xx Broken Smiles

But I need to keep count... I'm asian and do the math on these things. XD
<3 <3 <3 <3
That sounds epic and awesome!
Geez, I love video games!
During my piano playing... I kind of stopped to play Left4Dead and Left4Dead 2. No big deal, right?
It means what you think it means.
Come over here and I'll teach you. (;
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:34 pm

xx Broken Smiles

Well, I totally lost count of my MTPC... but I was somewhere around 122 points. sweatdrop
That sounds awesome!
I love video games.
Oh and keep telling yourself that. xD
I've been playing piano for a while to wait out the rain.
It is still pouring here. ^^;;
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:32 pm

just hungry

ill try but if it says i'm away i'm not
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:29 pm

just hungry

I should....
but it kept saying i was "away"
so i logged off for a bit
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Report | 06/26/2010 3:22 pm

Lady Bitchington

I was hungry D:
I'm sorry D:
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Report | 06/26/2010 12:39 pm


Pressurized air? o.o
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Report | 06/26/2010 12:38 pm


          User Image

          haha yeah. your three hours ahead of me.(:
          that's good. 8D i'm about to go and play with my brother on the wii.
          good luck with the girl? ;DUser Image
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Report | 06/26/2010 11:29 am

xx Broken Smiles

Okay short comment.
I added you my name is S...a...r...a...h
Original I kno.
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Report | 06/26/2010 11:21 am

xx Broken Smiles

Are you serious!?
Damn, do I feel special. <33333
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Report | 06/26/2010 11:18 am

xx Broken Smiles

Psh, they can put you into one of those awesome vacuum pack things. So ha!
Ahaha I tried to say that around 7 times and I finally got what you were trying to say.
Yeah, that sounds right.
Awh thank you, love! <3
It's pretty awesome, actually.
And I love how I have to put what you said into a different document because I can't remember everything you said. XD
Yeah, it tastes really good. I love it.
Ah, that makes sense. *nod*
Yummeh. <3
You do! They are pretty awesome and doesn't really knock down the person because... I'm short... ^^;;;
Yeah, but I but have my friend's webcam but it doesn't have MSN on her laptop.
I have Meebo though but I don't think you want to cam with me that bad because you have to sign on there.
(Note: http://www.meebo.com/)
Nah, you are more epic! <3
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Report | 06/26/2010 11:04 am

xx Broken Smiles

Well, since you called BS I have to go call in the Ghostbusters. How do you feel about that, huh!?
xD I've been trying to pronounce "ROFLMAO" for the past 2 minutes.
Needless to say, it isn't working out for me.
Ooh! Ninja stars and let me guess kunai's for dessert along with that meal?
That's awesome. Same here.
*is too very Asian*
Oooh yummeh!
I have generally the same but I am going to put in a touch of Hosien/Oyster sauce after just for taste. (:
That sounds actually really good. I will try that out!
Nah, I'm not that amazing so shut your mouth!
Good! Then I will give you a tackle hug because you deserve one!
Yeah I know... but it's rainy and I don't wanna bike to the Source. crying
And I have only known you for what... a day and a half!?
Thank you!

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