HI! i'm ExsonaKaniri. In real life, I'm 16. I'm writing a book and I think I'm going to call it...Screaming Robbers. I like that. The nain charachter's name is, actually, Exsona Kaniri. Her and her best friend, Lizzy Gordo, are kidnapped. They are going to give up on everything (breaking free, turning him in, ect), but Exsona's iPod accidentally turns onto her brother Jared's favorite band Escape the Fate. Exsona used to hate that music, used to scream at Jared for playing it. Now, it's all she has left of him. Her and Lizzy listen to it for 2 songs a day, for the 7 weeks they are gone. But on week 3, the batteries run out, and they don't have a charger. I'm going to write it in my Journal, I started to posrt chaper 1 in the Forums and arena, but I'm restarting. Keep you posted!
wahmbulance Whats going to be my favorite part of the book!
He looked at me with cold, hard eyes, still clutching his shoulder rught where I shot him. "Go to hell." He spit, poiting a gun at me, expacting me to flich.
But I didn't, I won't. I just looked him in the eye and hissed, "I'm already there." wahmbulance

Also, I write music, all the time. Rarely, I write a poem in my head, then make a song out of it. Mosly, I write about stuff that is going on im my life. Most of it, isn't happy. But my life isn't happy. *sigh*

Anywho, I love people. And I've been getting alot of quesions about randim crap, so here are the answers.

Favorite band: Escape the Fate
Favorite Color: Black, neon blue, neon yelow.
Favorite Song: This War is ours
Favorite food: Barely eat. Salad?
Favorite animal: Unicorn
Favorite hobby: Writing somgs and books, volleyball.
Favorite emoticon: dramallama


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