Things to know: About me

I'm a 27-year-old female; I'm Scottish and currently living in Canada. (if that matters) You can call me Glitter, (Not my real name) I've been role-playing off and on since I was fourteen. I play a lot of video games and watch a ton of movies. It's how I wind down. My work hours are all over the place. I'll respond to messages when I can, usually once a day maybe once every other day if things are hectic. Some days I might respond more than once.

PM me: to talk/ask about RP's I probably won't respond in forums.

Role-plays: To knows.
All are 'romance' type stories, most are mixed with action as well. I enjoy both. I also do none romance roleplays, but they have to catch my interest.

- Males and females welcome. Though I do prefer male partners. I am LGBTQ+ friendly.

- I only really play female roles; sorry. I'm just not that great at portraying other roles and would not want to ruin the role-play.

- I mainly RP in PM's and over Discord. I haven't tried Google Docs yet, though not opposed to learning/using it if need be.

- I can double up for characters popping in and out of the story; to keep it going, but to keep it up consistently might be an issue for me. I can double up as male or female. (In the short term) If you enjoy doubling up go right ahead, and I will try to do my best in return.

- I don't use pictures, I can never find anything that matches, so I describe my characters.

- Your posts don't have to be fancy.

- I like long term role-plays.

- I'm open to all story ideas. Let us talk about your ideas.

I ask:
- Be mature. I usually play characters who are 27+ or at minimum 18+, I ask you to do the same.

- Role-playing is one of my creative outlets, I try to have fun. You should too.

- Try your best with spelling and grammar. (I've got dyslexia so occasionally I'll ******** up)

- Let's talk about the stories, plots and ideas. Even during the RP.

- Post length- I can sometimes post large amounts of paragraphs/pages, others sometimes just one. It's not quantity, it's quality.

- If you aren't sure where to go in the RP. Say so! We can work around it!

- Life's a b***h, s**t happens. I might disappear, you might have to disappear for a bit. Let me know and I'll let you know!

- If you aren't feeling the RP anymore, try to tell me. I'll try to do the same.

For my hard nopes:
- Furries
- Rape
- Nothing with animals
- No urine or faecal matter.
- No age gaps (adult x child s**t)
- DO NOT ask me to play a pregnant character or someone who had kids. That is 100% off-limits.
- I have a list of things I don't like. Want it? Ask away.

As for my limits for role-playing. My limits vary. It depends on the role-play itself. Note, I do tend to swear and use curse words. For action/fight scenes do you like to go into detail? Talk gore? Or would you rather keep it on a pg-13 level of fighting? Let's talk about limitations and see what we can agree on! (I'm fairly flexible)

For the fandom RPS:

- Yes, I'm selfish, I always want to play an OC to a canon character.
- You can throw your twist onto the cannon character if you wish. To make it fair-ish.
- I can't promise that I will be a decent cannon for your OC, but I can try if I feel I know the character enough.

Symbols and what they mean:

⎔ Means I need a good story/convincing idea to role-play.
♦ Means that I might not be the strongest with that topic.
❖Means that I have a slight story idea or starter.
❤ Means I'm craving it and actively looking.

Anything in "Bold" is what I'd like you to play as.
Anything in "Italics" I could role-play as.
Anything that had both is open for either person.

Role-play lists: Fandoms

Television:~Yes I know some are book series as well~

Doctor Who: [Doctor x Companion] ⎔♦
Game of Thrones: [Jon Snow x OC]♦❤
Lucifer: [Lucifer x OC]❖❤
Supernatural: ♦
The Walking Dead: [Daryl x OC]♦
The Witcher: (still new to the series, yes I know it's a book series and video game series)♦❤
True Blood: [Eric x OC] ❖❤

Movies: ~Yes I know some are book series as well~
Harry Potter: ♦
Hunger Games:♦
Jurassic World: [Owen x OC]❖❤
Kingsman: [Eggsy x OC]
Kong: Skull Island: [James Conrad x OC]
Lord Of The Rings / The Hobbit:
Mad Max Fury Road: [Max x OC]
No One Lives: [Driver x OC]
Pirates of the Caribbean: ♦
Riddick (All movies): [Riddick x OC]❖❤
Star Wars: [Kylo Ren/Ben Solo x OC]❖❤

Marvel: Movies/ Comics ~I know more but not as strongly; ask away~
Captain America: [Steve x OC]
Captain Marvel: [Carol x OC] Possible [Yon-Rogg x OC]♦
Guardians of the Galaxy: [Peter x OC] ♦
Loki: [Loki x OC]
Thor: [Thor x OC]
Tony Stark/Iron man: [Tony x OC]
Venom: [Eddie/Venmon x OC]❖❤
Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes: [Bucky x OC]❖❤

DC: Movies/ Comics ~I know more but not as strongly; ask away~
Constantine: [John x OC]❖❤
Harley Quinn: [Harley x OC]

Video Games: ~ I've played a ton of video games these are the ones I'm most comfortable with~
Assassins Creed: ♦
Borderlands: [Jack x OC]❖❤
Dragon Age: [Cullen x OC ]❖❤ - possible [Fenris x OC]
Halo: [Spartan x Spartan] ⎔♦
Resident Evil:

Anime / Manga
Attack on Titian: [Levi x OC] ♦ ❤
Dragon Ball Z:⎔♦
Inuyasha: ⎔
Naruto: [Itachi x OC] ♦
Sailor Moon:⎔

'Original' ideas/List:
Angle x Human (war story): ❖
Barbarian x Princess: ⎔
Boyfriend x Girlfriend Or Girlfriend x Girlfriend (Mob/gang):❖❤
Dragon-rider x Princess:
Greek God/Goddess x mortal female/mortal male:❖
Knight x Princess:
Lost memories:❖
Lucifer x Human female:❖❤
Mage x Apprentice
Mercenary x Mercenary
Peter Pan (darker story):❖❤
Red Riding Hood: ❖
Spy x Spy
Vampire Hunter [Mentor x Student]: ❖
War - post-apocalyptic: ❖

That's all <3


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I love role-plays; private message me if you would like to start one.
Long term only.
Check Profile for my interests and ideas.
Both Men and Women are welcome.
Please don't just send a starter. Let's talk first.
Not into furries.