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Report | 06/25/2013 1:17 pm


I deleted my e-mail account that was connected to my account and my IP changed again so I had to confirm an email that was sent to it but now I can't even login cause I deleted my email :< I know I'm really stupid v.v

Report | 09/21/2012 1:13 pm


yup yup! I'm going over to a family friend's to have turkey ^o^
me too ;3 oh nicee I hate geo though.
I got lucky and got PE last period! I'm happy ;D I'm with the best PE class they're amazing :* we get along so well ^o^
all the teachers are amazing at my school ! c:
OMG REALLY WHEEN?! no not yet October is when it starts changing and by late - November all the leaves are out. x] but tell meee when you come here I wanna meet youh.!
hehe well not much is happening here. my friend is just a bit obsessed with this guy from her school, and stayed 3 years without telling him...idk how she can stay for that long...the guy still doesn't know lol. first period science which sucks cuz I'm half asleep in the morning, and I can't do well when I'm half asleep. high school is so much better anyways =w= and yeah OH if you ever see Anny tell her I said hi ! tell me about your school!

Report | 09/15/2012 4:09 pm


gud hbu?? (:
lol we got them too o: but that changes in a few months
I have phys ed last period thankfully <33
and yeaa we have thanksgiving here and halloween soon ^o^ but I think thanksgiving is in november for the US.

Report | 08/27/2012 11:37 am


woow that's nice !
and yeah sucks cause I have to wake up early now ):
yup ^o^ really excited! I don't know I've never been happier

Report | 08/26/2012 2:40 pm


sure, I don't have photoshop though D:
it doesn't really matter to me, but just to let you know it's going to take me a really long time...cuz 800 bumps is almost like 800 minutes, which is 13 hours. that's a lot of time, lol. so I don't think that I will be able to finish it that fast but I'll try to finish it asap, but I'm kinda struggling -.-
but yeaah school is just around the corner :') I'm so excited, yet nervous o: new school and new people ;D ahh. well I haven't heard from you in a while which probably means you're busy at school o:

Report | 08/21/2012 11:49 am


oh oh ! I almost forgot, about the bump thingy ^o^ yeah let's make a new thread, we can keep the same name and everything
to something like: Heartbeat Bumper by iluSnoopy and Pinay4Iife
what you think? if I have time I'll make themes, but I'm a newbie at those but I'll try
or we can keep your old themes, just tell me what you wanna do :3

Report | 08/21/2012 11:29 am


exactly ! it's going to be only four years wearing that uniform, and after that it's kind of useless...it's like a fading memory D:
I knoww ): I've been to the U.S once but that was just crossing the border line to Buffalo >: I don't think I'm allowed to go any further, but comee to Canada </3
ahaha! my middle school got a new principal after I left ;p she was okay, but I heard the new one is going to be better o: like he hosts lots of events and stuff .
oh wow. hehe new everyting xD
yeah ! but since I'm new to the school, we have to go to school a week before it starts so we get a tour and everything. it's nice ^o^
holy geeezz. that's so complicated, how do you even follow that schedule? :/ for us it's 45 minute a period everyday I think, and it's the same everyday no exceptions o.o
wait I'm so confused 6 graders are in high school already? sorry I must sound extremely stupid but I have no clue what you just said xD
ohh 4 schools only? we have about 6-8 and most of them are 15-30 minutes away o:
and different high schools too.
hehe okay ;}

hahaha I know! the beach is like a sun magnet. also I always hear about people tanning in their backyard naked, like what if the neighbors take a stroll outside or look out their window and get flashed? O-O it makes no sense xD
I always turn pale in the winter, I turn so pale that you can see some of my veins and blood streams, I look like an alien D: but just my arms and legs nowhere else :$
O: geometry! I remember I used to get 50-60% on geometry tests. I HATED geometry. it was just so confusing and shapes were my enemies o: <
LOOOL :') teacher couldn't wait xDD but we used to have this thing where you can change classrooms if you wanted, you just had to go to the principal to make those adjustments but in high school nobody does that cuz thats just complicated
okkk xD hehe have funn (: oh I think you're in school while I'm typing this ;p

Report | 08/19/2012 6:59 pm


I know D:
I don't know why we have to pay 40 bucks for a shirt that has our school name on it.
oh we just all go to the same place. xD it's like a uniform store and everyone gets their uniforms from there, and it's packed EVERY single day.
awwwh :') <33 I never forgot about you either! it's been 3-4 years and we still talk ^o^
it's still summer for me though, I'm getting my timetables in a week before school starts. soo I'm extremely nervous about it >.< the classes and everything.
you see I'm terrible at focusing, listening & staying on task. I'm organized, just really...what's the word....absent minded? xD I usually daydream in classes which is terrible D:
and LOL. I'm soo tan. I step outside for like an hour and I get a tan, idk why that happens xD
yuhhh get a tan. but don't burn yourself. o:
hehehe do whateverr you like :] I can't think of anything but I usually make my usernames starting with ily, ilu, or ending with xo or starting with i, so iluSnoopy, glendaxoxo, iPinaayyy or something like that, anyways all my names are soo cheesy so you don't have to take advice from me (;
LOOL hit and run hahaha xD
soo true though. I noticed that a bit.
I think you should. maybe we can do like a family-run kind of business, keep the bumps really cheap, with minimum slots.
I agree lol, I think that strangers are just extremely lazy and have no thought whatsoever to actually work for our shop, just when they get bored...
yeah do it. and sorry I will be inactive after school starts especially mid-semester cuz that's exactly when the work comes in soo yeah :/
so how was your first day back to school? ;p
first week now, but w/e :]

Report | 08/18/2012 3:57 pm


sure tingzz.
ahh school D: mine starts in like 3 weeks..):
I'm excited and nervous ^o^
I just got my uniform which is so overpriced. like $40 for a shirt like what....D:
anyways, I'm glad you can go outside now LOL.
have funn but don't forget mee c;

Report | 08/18/2012 3:48 pm


glendaaaa ! im a get out of the hospital soooooon .


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