Hi everyone! I'm 25, female, love to talk, and here for friends. I'm from the south, a natural redhead who loves her quiet days at home spending time with her boyfriend and four pet rats, her cat, and well...I suppose that's it. ^_^ I hope to meet lots of people here soon. *Smooches!*User Image
Total Value: 92,770,785 Gold
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Item List:
Egyptian Feather Fan
Four Horsemen
Gift of the Goddess
Hermes' Moon 4th gen
Hermes' Moon
Pearl And Ruby Necklace
Pearl And Ruby Earrings
Pora Ice (on my head) 3rd gen.
Red Rose Corsage
Summoning Tome
White Drome Egg 4th gen.
White Drome Egg 2nd gen.
White Drome Egg 3rd gen.
White Drome Egg 2nd gen.
White Drome Egg
White Drome Egg
Young Mrs. Claus' Gloves
Young Mrs. Claus' Boots
Young Mrs. Claus' Flared Skirt
Snow Witch
Young Mrs. Claus' Bustier
Gift of the Gods
Angelic Headband


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Reflections in the flames

Just a place to talk, or rant, or anything really



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Happy Birthday heart
Lady Ginkawa

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Lady Ginkawa

Its always nice to find another LKH fan smile


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