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Okay, i guess you can say i've officially quit gaia..I'll still come on to check messages and sh*t, but I feel that they have ruined it by letting the evolving items and weird updates take over. I have also been playing Runescape a lot, which gets really freakin addicting.
If you guys wanna talk to me, my msn is d33dles@hotmail.com. If you don't have any of that, my myspace is at the bottom, although i rarely check that. And for all those fellow Runescapians out there, my username is viola playa6/miss deedles, add me, kay? I'll miss ya gaia.

about-eth me
Hello world, and all who inhabit it.-♥
The names Deedles.
my real name is Denise Nicole
Im 15 years young.
I walk the earth at 5'11"
Born and raised in Wisconsin.
Brought into the world on June 28, 1994 at 10:32 PM.
Daniel♥♥;;In freakin love with youuu<3
Runescape junky.[[violaplaya6--add me?]]
my gaia-versery is 9-23-07
got hacked awhile back;;was XxSnuggle-PuffxX
odd facts::
i hate pickles.
i can put my foot behind my head.
i love cottage cheese<3.
i speak my mind.
I can speak fluently in pig latin
hard metal drowns my sorrows.
I think im schizophrenic.
im almost always in a good mood, unless i have a reason not to be.
life goals::
1.)ride a polar bear
2.)have a fox as a pet
3.)win a spelling bee
4.)to finish a dream avatar
5.)have God talk to me thus, answering my prayers.