Oh! My hair is so short! :3
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oh boy oh boy lookit my hat biggrin
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brittney (aka xxfondle_me_emoxx) made me a birthday pic!

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this is Cathy! (aka ginIScute) well...i got hacked.. *sigh* tragic i kno... idk who hacked me tho i never gave out ne of my info 2 ne 1 so i cnt imagine how they hacked me but watever im pissed and i just want 2 fix things 2 the way they used 2 b crying so plz donate 2 me every little bit helps so plz help me crying crying and if u do donate 2 me i will b 4ever greatful!

so ne way here we go again a little bit about me

Name: Catherine Tak (my last name is spelt "kat" bkwards lawlz)

Age: 17 (one more year of being a kid o3o)

height: 5"1 or 5"2 (i got smaller oh noes! D: )

Nationality: filipino/korean (im more on the filipino side)

likes: anime (we're on gaia who doesnt like anime?! XD ), video games, my best friends (cuz they r friggin awesome), drawing, reading, running around (takes a lot outta me but its fun lol), soccer, sweets (cakes galore!), cats, dogs, gum (tht stuff b yummy!), music, cooking

hates: noobs, beggers, hackers (u can kinda understand y i hate hackers), ppl who wanna cyber (honestly now thts just weird not every1 wants 2 cyber ******** another person srsly), spiders (had a bad experience with them wen i was a kid), heartbreakers, cheaters, veggies (but i do like corn, peas, carrots, and tomatos!), racist ppl (srsly get over urself), ppl who ******** with my friends ( u ******** r gonna DIE)

its kinda hard 4 me 2 hate ne1 just dnt b bitchy 2 me thts all i ask and we'll get along fine but theres been just like a few stupid mishaps here and there but they were just bad mouthing noobs who think they own the place srsly the last thing they own is gaia buncha losers.

loves: my best friends (couldnt live without them!), anime, video games, music, cats, dogs, sweets (yummy in mah tummy), technology, pens (pens = FUN)

plz add this mule account if ur 1 of my old friends!


xxfondle_me_emoxx ~ even tho she got her account hacked she made a new 1 but neways wat can i say shes been with me thru thick and thin we'll never abandon each other cuz we support each other in wat we do no matter wat! and we'll kick ur a**! >:3

joufu ryunee~srsly this is like a hacking epidemic O___o even she got hacked 2 at least she knos who to report. yay! kristen got her gaia account! so now i can spam her with luff heart i kno her in real life shes hilarious and wen me her and brittney (aka xxfondle_me_emoxx) r 2gether we get insanly silly XD

the dcving dawn~ hes so awesome hes too awesome 4 u :p im glad hes my best friend we kick so much a** 2gether even tho hes not online on gaia as much i still try 2 find ways 2 talk 2 him as if im gonna let him go :p hes way 2 awesome 2 let go u ******** with him ill ******** u up > biggrin

sexyfoxdemon_89~ shes like a big sis 2 me i got so sad wen she left but i got 2 c her just recently and it made me happy yay! ^_^

the last martyr~ hes a rly sweet guy :3 with a fetish 4 catgirls >w> he has his own catgirl army which they will rule the world with me! muhahahaha!!!

napalmman.exe~ hes frggin awesome! and hes gonna help me restore my avi 2 its riteful glory!! yay!! i owe him so much 4 this =^_^=

my friends r just the best i luv talking with em heart heart heart heart


so as i explained b4 on my previous profile i do avi art with mah best friend Brittney (aka xxfondle_me_emoxx) we both split the profits so u can either request me or her 2 do ur avi art she does colors i dnt but the colors r 500 extra :p i do discounts sumtimes...depending if i like ya or not wink

Price: 6000g

Time: eh altho skool is comin bk we'll try and get 2 ur art ASAP

Slots: me: free (ish skools getting in the way of stuff)

xxfondle_me_emoxx: free so go ask her if u want us 2 do art

Examples: this is my avi b4 i got hacked User Image

this is avi art i did 4 my best friend NapalmMan.exe User Image

this is avi art i did 4 another best friend the last martyr
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i did a little freebie for the dcving dawn my best friend
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My avi that I drew on my tablet!
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the most important things u'll need 2 kno

even if u dnt want 2 kno about wats going on with me u shall kno ne way!


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Report | 08/09/2011 5:57 pm


I wuv my Kitty!~ X3 *huggle huggle huggle* Thank you for being so awesome.~ ^_^

Report | 04/12/2011 8:16 am


hey i`m in your panty and stocking guild and i would like to inform you that i will join the rp forum with you but at the moment my computer is broken and i`m using the one at my school

Report | 02/04/2011 9:54 pm


i miss you :C

Report | 01/11/2011 6:46 am


Hey Kitty! You have two Pm's waiting for you! *huggles lots*
Casual Corn

Report | 12/17/2010 4:19 pm

Casual Corn

Ella balfor

Report | 03/14/2010 1:07 pm

Ella balfor

mrrrrrr *green light*

Report | 03/13/2010 6:11 pm


Thank you for your purchase. I hope you like it. Enjoy! ^.^ By the way I love your profile. The colors and pictures are really good.

Report | 02/18/2010 4:34 am


Nope, I haven't. Due to yesterday's write up because I'm not being productive enough, I don't feel like doing anything. Apparently this is how Walmart does business with their employees when they get close to a year of work.


Report | 02/15/2010 4:30 am


I looked up a few videos on Youtube and one said if you call any of the gaming companies and see which temp agencies they go through, that's how you get started.

Didn't do much for Valentines. I got home late Saturday from work. That night was so frustrating I wanted to quit. But I can't because my folks need my pay for groceries and gas. So Sunday morning was just another day for me. =.=

Report | 02/10/2010 8:25 am


Yay! ^.^ I am obtained! X3 heart

The other day I was seriously thinking about getting a second job. XD The thought popped in mind: Game tester! So I'm going to see how I can do that from home.

I wanna make something with Flash but I don't know what. X3


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