Hello there. dramallama

It had been a long a** while since I had been a regular on Gaia and my, my! Have things changed! I mean, daaaayummm.

My Myers-Briggs personality test result is ENTP. I'm ULTRA opinionated, I WILL challenge you, and my delivery of my opinion is often inconsistent with my faith.

I'm working on it. C;

Friend requests are off.
Trust me, that's for the best.

I will be going went to Paris, France for 9 months. It was the best decision I ever made.

The worst?
Well, that's kinda hard to narrow down.

I miss my Dan.
He was the best thing that ever happened to me and he's gone.
Rest peacefully, my love.
I love living alone. Do you know what it's like to bake a pavlova totally nude?
I do.
It's ******** amazing.

2016 is all about improving my relationship with the Great I Am.
Let's make the most of life and try to enrich those around us, too!

I love God.
I love reading a good book.♥
If my avatar has a black & white, possibly winged cat equipped, his name is Max Planck. Say wassup.
I appreciate my anonymity.
I love the state of Texas.
Tycho Brahe is my homey.
I love a good book that's worn and looks like it's been loved.
I love guns and shootin' em!
I love gotta stop procrastinating.
I love the art of cooking.
I want to make a living defending the Constitution in a court of law.
I love UT football. Hook 'em!
I love dogs.
I love Paris, France.
I am a proud heterosexual.
I love good Indian food (no, not all Indian food is spicy).
I love art and intend on becoming a Blanton member one day.
I love well done, well-placed, original, tattoos. Traditional/Neo-traditional style is my have. No, I ain't got none.
I love cosmology, astrophysics, theoretical physics, and astronomy. Anything about the Universe, and its structure really, large and small scale.
I love lingerie.
Bands&Genres: Fiona Apple, Kings of Leon, Queens of the Stone Age (older stuff), System of a Down, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, a lot of Hip-Hop, some Rap, R&B, Mozart, random other classical

I HATE blaspheming. Go mock Allah.
I hate vegan cupcakes.
I hate humidity.
I hate that can't have their beliefs challenged without getting butthurt.
I effing hate N.A.M.B.L.A., P.E.T.A. and N.O.W.
I am totally over the virtue-signaling social justice warriors.
I don't fux wit people who don't try something before saying they don't like it.
I hate procrastinating. Still do it, though.
I generally dislike musicals that aren't cartoons.
Don't particularly care for atheists, either.
I hated writing essays (great for an English major a soon-to-be 1L, huh?).

Bands&Genres: COUNTRY >XU

Currently reading:
Altar Ego by Craig Groeschel
Evangelpreneaur by Josh Tolley
The Bible (KJV) by God the Father

About to read:
The Creature from Jekyll Island
On the Down Low
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A corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit.
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Your non-belief in God is like a Sim's non-belief in programmers.