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Gender: Female

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((about me)


Hi! I go by Ginger on here, but you can also call me Sandy. I'm a 21 year-old college sophomore. I like bullet journalling and reading. Most of you probably remember me as the rabbit girl. :') I periodically revisit Gaia so don't be afraid to hit me up.

Kpop Favs: DΞΔN; AKMU; BTS
Anime Favs: OHSHC; Kimi no Na wa.; Nagi No Asukara
Book Favs: A Series of Unfortunate Events; Six of Crows; Cinder; A Darker Shade of Magic

My Gaia Family: Blondie, Noire, Cookie, Ghosty + many other members
IRL Cousins: Avee, Bubbles, and Kohai
IRL Siblings: Jace, Dani, and Nina


Not really active...

I'm on Gaia only sporadically. Contact me for my twitter. :')

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