Giglamesh Grimm's profile.

~Character Data~

Name: Grimm Giglamesh
Nicknames: Ace of Spades, Mr. Death, The Grim Reaper
Country: Midgar
Race: Human
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Soul Sphere: Adept [Adept] (Equipped), Shinra Spy [Shinra Solider] (Not equipped)
Description: A person that has had some practice with the magical arts and now wishes to specialize in a very specific area of the arts. They tend to be a bit weird and really elitist.
Rank: 1
Evolves To: Red Mage or Blue Mage
KP to Next:
Type: Magic
Bonus: See Description of Tier. NEGATE (Picked str/dex for + and -)
Abilities: Scan, MP Boost

Fire Series: Firaja
Wind Series: Aeroga
Barrier Series: Protect
Destruction Series: Explosion

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Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 257 (With-out equipment)
Hair: Very long straight Jet black hair, Pulled back in to pony tail leaving two long bangs hanging over sides of face.
Eyes: Right Crystal Blue, Left Fake Glass eye Painted Flat black.
Physical Description: Has a large scar over left eye, which resulted in fake eye, from left side of forehead over eye and down on to cheek to lower left jaw. Is very tall with a incredibly muscular build, Over all he is a very handsome man, of a very strong stature.
Clothing: Head: Wears a White cowboy hat, with a belt of bullet around the crown, and a metal skull at the front of the hats crown. Under he wears a bandanna with a metal plate over forehead, encase of head shots. Giglamesh also wears a partial demon skull covering the left side of his face, its single horn pokes up threw his hat.
Body: He wears a tight sleevless black shirt which has a extended fabric to reach upwards covering the mouth and nose, Usually he wears this folded down. He wears a massive white sleeveless trench coat, The trench coat has black fur at the edge of its collar, where the sleeveless would be located, and at its base. On the back of the white trench coat is giglamesh's personal symbol.
Arm: He wears black gloves which extend to the middle of his upper arm, Over the forearm he wear white metal bracers.
Legs: He wears black Hakama, which are tucked in to his Shin high Combat boots, On the front of his shin he also wear white metal plates. He wears a Black sash which located over the locking overlapping knot he wear a metal skull with horns which curve and point downward and curl back up.
Personality: Varies incredibly, One minute he will be clam and lazy, the next yelling and cursing, sometimes he is even blood thirsty for combat. One thing never changes however he is always ready and willing to risk his life to protect those close to him.
Other: He has a three year old daughter named, Maiyuri. Giglamesh also has a 15 year old sister, river. Together His daughter and sister are his meaning for life and they are everything to him.
Weapons:Ittou-Tama (Bladed bullet)- Giglamesh's signature duel katana revolvers, it is said these two gunblades are actually one.
Kagetsu Kamakiri (Something wicked this way comes)- A massive great sword which tip has been curved much like a scythe, as well as the blade being added on to a sniper rifle.
Hissatsu Ichigeki (One hit kill)- A massive great sword eight foot in length, custom made with a engine and spinning serrated blade, made specifically to cut threw metal.
Hydra- A gruesome magic three barreled sawn off shotgun, he always keeps holstered at his right hip for that quick draw.


Weapon: Ittou-tama Gunblade (Punishment) x2
Description: A perfectly crafted work of art in gunblade form. The barrel of the gun has been magically enhanced to assist in the accuracy issue with other gunblades and the blades have mystical runes cut into them that make them lighter to aid in the damage reduction issue common with most gunblades. Of course, it still has it’s flaws but this is pretty damn close to perfection.
Rank: IV
Damage: 40-65 + str mod / 15-28(range)
Equipped: Both hands
Requirements: Str 60+ , Dex 60+ , lvl 25+
Special: While equipped, increases damage of any attack spells done by 2%.
Has an automatic Range Accuracy of 80%
Clip Size: 8

Sheild: None

Armor: Mythril Robe Enchant: Haste (Fine tuned: Null fire)
Description: Mythril Silver was ground down and reformatted into thread then sown into this Robe. Due to Mythril’s natural magical properties, this garment provides top notch magical protection.
Rank: IV
Magic Damage Reduction: -80 / -10 DR
Dexterity Penalty: 0
Equipped: Body
Requirements: Lvl 10+ , Int 30+

Accessory: Quick-Buff Bracer
Effect: Casting Buffs on self takes 1 action each, can only target self with buffs


Spells- Fire, Aero, Fira, Aeora, Firaga, Aeroga, Firaja, Protect, Haste, Reflect, Oil bomb, Fire Enchant, Wind Enchant, Ryuujin Hou (Dragon King's Cannon), Shichiyou Ryuuza Odori (Moon Dragon Constellation Dance), Dansu o hiromeru sakura- (Cherry blossom spreading dance)

(Full list of magic here.)

Abilities-Master Sword, Master Great Sword, Master Gun Blade, Master Gun, Master Rifle, Raise Evade, Death BlowLearn ,Mp Boost, Blaster, Duel Wield, Critical Strike, Joushou Getsuei Kumori- (Rising moon shadow), Kousatsu Getsuei hakumei- (Hanging moon twilight), Haikei Getsuei Ranpu- (Setting moon light), Gin tsuki niou- (Silver moon glow), Hangetsugata: akari kiwa sattou- (Half moon: Light side rush), Hangetsugata: Myou kiwa sattou- (Half moon: dark side rush)

(Full ability list here.)



LV: 25
Experience: 14878/15630
Combat Rank: Average
HP: 3000
MP: 950
AP: 925

Strength: 18+9+37=64
Mod: 64-10/2=27
Dexterity: 18+23+27=68
Mod: 68-10/2=29
Constitution: 18+9+23=50
Mod: 50-10/2=20
Intelligence: 18+31+17=66
Mod: 66-10/2=28
Wisdom: 18+7+18=42
Mod: 42-10/2=16
Charm: 18+1+3=31
Mod: 30-10/2=10

Evasion Bonus: dex/4+5(raise evade)=22
Fortitude: con/4=12
Reflex: int/4=16
Will: wis/4=10

Defense Rating: AR 10 [Con mod 20/2]=20
Magic Defense Rating: AR 80 [Int mod 28/2]=94

Melee: Gunblade: 67-140
Nodachi: 62-154
Range: Gunblade 16-72
Sniper Rifle: 30-94
Hydra: 58-122

~Skills~ 25x28=700
Weapon: (Melee) (str) 250+27+124= 401
Weapon: (Range) (dex) 129+29+70= 228
Intimidate: (cha) 50+10+27=87
Magic: (Int) 176+28+23= 227
Focus: (Int) 2+28+232= 262
Spot: (Wis) 52+16+12= 80
Craft: Enchant (Int) 23+28+53= 104
Concentration: (Con) 0+20+90= 110
Diplomacy: (Cha) 0+10+3= 13
Tumble: (dex) 0+29+8=37
Knowledge: Botany (int) 0+28+6= 34
Alchemy: (wis) 0+16+3= 19
Research: (int) 0+28+23= 51
Perform: Dance (cha) 0+10+15= 25



Excess Equipment:
Black Casket- Used to carry/conceal Sukoshi Neikan Kochi hairiguchi, and Hissatsu Ichigeki, his special great swords.

Kagetsu Kamakiri (Bright moon Mantis) Enchant: Wind enchant (Fine tuned:--)
Description: One of Giglamesh's favored weapons the 50cal sniper rifle, but with his obvious fascination with blades, he had somebody craft a large great sword blade to it, and cropped the handle to be used as a great gunblade. The shape of the blade, as well as the weapons name, came from Giglamesh's fascination with preying mantises. This is a loud son of a b***h, anytime you fire this if they target doesn't die there sure to know were you are.
Rank: IV.5
Damage: 80-120 + str mod/ (50-75)
Equipped: Two Hand
Requirements: Str 60+, LVL 24+, Dex 60+, Weapon: (melee) 300+. Weapon: (range) 200+, Con 40+, Master great sword, Master gunblade
Has a automatic range of 85%
Clip size: 3
Special: Add 1 per 10 ranks of Spot skill to roll with Attack range, If fired from hiding automatically gives away position.

Hissatsu Ichigeki (Special great sword)
Description: An impossibly long 2-handed sword from the east. Usually used by field soldiers as indoor use of this weapon is impossible due to the length. However unlike typical great swords, this one has been combined with a magic powered engine which turns the serrated chain blade.
Rank: III
Damage: 35-80 + str mod (+int mod + 2 to max per 10 in focus once activated.)
Equipped: Two Hand
Requirements: Str 50+, lvl 10+
Special: Take 1 extra turn to activate, -10MP per every turn once activated, ignore DR (defense rating) on machine type enemies.

Description: A weapon crafted long ago to mimic that of a fabled sharpshooters handgun the Cerberus. However it is in its own right a different weapon all together. The runes carved in to the inside of the barrels always make the buck shot red hot, and make the spread look like flame from a Hydra's mouth. Plus you know you cant resist using it execution style, because a two barreled shotgun just issnt enough you had to have three barrels.
Rank: Special
Damage: Fire 30-50 + int mod
Equipped: one Hand
Requirements: x2 fire spells, Focus 200+, Weapon (range) 200+
Special: Has an automatic Range Accuracy of 90%, fires 3 rounds per action, -Int mod from mp every turn its equipped, Aoe effect accuracy 70% and /2 damage
Clip Size: 3

Hi-Potion x5
X-potion x2
Hi-Ether x5
Phoenix down x1
Cure-all x10

A set of fix blade knives hidden behind his arm guards, one engraved with "love" and one engraved with "war"
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