About this Scolipede

This Pokemon likes to get into trouble from time to time and will most likely accept a challenge. Don't let it's cocky attitude fool you, it is fiercely loyal to its friends and loved ones.


It's quite larger than the average Scolipedes.
Moves Known
Iron Defense
Poison Tail
Mega Horn

Naughty nature
Scatters things often.




Dex Entry

Scolipede lives in lush forests. It is very aggressive and will not give up until victorious. It chases down enemies with its great speed then relentlessly attacks with its horns until prevailing. It injects a powerful poison using the claws on its neck.

Scolipedes are carnivorous predators, which means that they like to eat moving prey. They like to eat spiders, soft bodies insects, slugs, earthworms and sometimes other Scoliipedes. They find their prey using their antennae, and then immobilize it with venom injected from their maxilliped fang and claws.
(NOTE: This is based on what actual centipedes eat in real life.)

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Giant Scolipede

Giant Scolipede's avatar

National Dex Info

National Dex: #545


Species: Megapede Pokemon

Weight: 442lb / 200.5kg

Height: 8'02" / 2.5m

Abilities: Poison Point or Swarm

Hidden Ability: Quick Feet