Unbreakable - Fireflight

My music when I'm bored out of my mind


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Adele - Set fire to rain

Luka Megurine - Witch


What about me?

Name: Rosie Demonia Myst

Age: 17

Race: siren

Occupation: assassin

Likes: her friends, nice people, a good fight every now and then, singing, listening to music, full and crescent moon phases, sunshine heart

Dislikes: mean people, enemies, people that disrespect her friends, rude people, darkness wahmbulance scream

weapons: voice, crescent moon daggers, ice blade

Main reason for being where she is: out for revenge

Appearance: Sky blue eyes, porcelain skin, long jet black hair that touches the floor if she doesn't tie it back, that she cut when she was twelve so that it's now very short. she stands at about 5'2 and her clothes are very provocative even though she doesn't mean anything by it and claims to just like the way it flows.

Personality: Happy go lucky, innocent, free-spirited and enthusiastic, she tends to become somewhat of a psycho at the sight of blood or if someone she cares for is hurt or worse and the innocence fades away, leaving a fiery personality completely opposite from her normal behavior

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somewhat like a little bro to me, gray

my lil sweetie, bethany

Big sister, Akari

Big brother, Anders :3

My bf, Chris


Big sister, Ainsley (careful, she bites...)

big bro, sho-sho (R.I.P bro)

Jazza or "Dark"

Big sis, Ashley. love her but she worries me sometimes

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me (so Bleh all of you and HAH Casey! I got my blindfold back!)