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Not much to see here. I used to be fairly active on here. Not so much anymore.

Anyway. I'm in love with my girlfriend. My real life girlfriend. heart So, I don't OD. Sorry.

I'm 14.. I like metal and nu-metal, and Call of Duty, and Family Guy, and football. I have an obsession with modern military. :3

You can have your army Kakhis,
And your navy blues,
Here's a different sort of fighting man,
I'll introduce to you.

His uniform is unlike
Any you've ever seen;
And the Germans called him Devil Dog,
But his real name is Marine!

He was born on Parris Island (San Diego or the Hills of Quantico)
The land that God forgot.
The sand was 14 inches deep,
the sun was blazing hot.

He'd get up every morning,
Way before the sun,
And he'd run a hundred miles or more,
Before the day was done.

He fought in the cold of Korea,
In the heat of Vietnam.
When ever our country goes to war,
The Marines are first to land.

We'll fight them on the ground,
We'll fight them in the sky,
When the Army and Navy are heading home,
The Marines are standing by.

And when he gets to heaven,
To St. Peter he will tell,
"Another Marine reporting, Sir,
I've served my time in Hell!"



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"I invented Oxygen. Every time you breathe, you owe me a nickel" :3



That's her!