avid kdrama watcher & an obsessive fangirl with a love for all genres of music and all things blue.

heeey youuuuu emotion_kirakira
squishyoo here doing a quick little biography on my precious cousin.
this qt is a shy, horror loving, pun making deer face who enjoys
long walks on the beach (xoxo) making my life a better place than it already is
just by sitting on the couch with me all weekend sobbing violently over kdramas.
I couldn't wish for a better cousin even if you always look up food
on google images that we can only dream of eating
and then you make me hungry ok you suck
Ily so much andisuckatbeingsappybuthereyougookayihopeyou'rehappy
Let's go ride rollarcoasters together soon

xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo lov e squishyoo
ps; chicken's not my style

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