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h3y wa ^.m! nam3 !z br3nda ! l!v3 !n cal!forn!a.! fr3ak!n l0v an!malz.! l0v all k!nd 0f muz!c.s0o c0mm3n 0n m! pr0f!l3.0h an ! am 14 almos 15

╚►♥its • brenda • b***h♥◄╝


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-coqueta_brown eyes-

thiz iz my homegrl she iz tight.

dont say u love me if ur jus goin to be a b***h and lie about it.

im tired of pretending being happi when im tired of faking my smiles and laughs and im tired of living a lie.

me quebraste el corazon.noce si te puedo perdonar.u broke mi ♥ i dnt kno if i can 4giv u.

me dejiste que tu y mi mamma que se siempre se ivan a quedar juntos y por tonta te rompiste el corazon cuando te fuiste solo tuve 4 anos te nesisitava pero ya te fuiste.y cada dia mas sufro por que tu te fuistes.

side by side or miles apart frienz r 4evr close 2 ur ♥

true frienz r nevr apart maybe in distance but not in ♥

as we all go on we remembr all tha times weve had 2gethr an as our lives change 4rm wat evr we will still be best frienz 4evr

when ur liv fallz apart alwayz remember i will be there to help u pick tha pieces when tha rest of tha world walks out on u,remembr not to close tha door.iam tha 1 who wil be walkin in to help u thru it all.

with frienship it doesnt matter how long weve known eachothr.what matterz iz who said "ill be here 4 u" an proved it.

hey wats up mi name iz brenda im 14 i live in california.mi parents r divorced.i realli dnt get along wit mi mom we jus dnt connect but she acts different in front of ppl.but yea watevr.hahha ummm mi dad lives in kansas he smokes an drinks alot but i fear 1 day he iz goin 2 end up in tha hospital wit lung cancer but i gess i hav 2 stay strong.if u need sum1 to talk 2 im here for u,no mattr wat.if u call me in 3 in tha mornin i probabli still be awke mayb not hahah but if u call me at anitime cuz suen iz rong ima be there 4 u.mi favorite colors r purple blue an sum othr 1z.hahaha i love 2 sing dance an sumtimz draw.i love singin cuz i can express mi self in any way i want i write mi own songz. mi songz jus say how i feel how i live pretty much mi whole life.itz mi passion itz jus me.dancin iz lik mi creative side of me i lik makin mi own dance moves.itz jus a i think it showz who i am i can also express mi self drawin iz not mi thing but i do it anyway itz hella fun an koo.itz exprsses how i feel mi emotionz i cnt let out i either put thm in mi songz mi dancin or in mi if u wnt 2 get 2 kno me more jus hit me up.