Sup, I'm Justin.
I don't have time to make this fancy.
So bear with me here.


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Thank you! Sorry for not seeing this sooner. She's doing much better and has been so happy in recent weeks smile Thank you for the prayers!

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Yeah it was crazy. I tried to find the pms to show you but they were too old and were deleted I think. I don't know why we didn't tell you, or if we did why you don't remember, 'cause it's definitely something you had a right to know. The whole situation was crazy tbh. I tried to find a lot of the drama that happened with him but the thread with was drama closed by a mod or something, the only ones I could find were before s**t hit the fan. But we really should have known he was lying when he said he donated 14 bil to the 9/11 cleanup and BP oil spills, I mean I did the math and he would have been SEVEN at the time of 9/11 sooooo.....

I never had to analyze it for a class or anything (thank the lord above) but I remember just sitting back and thinking about it for at least 20 min after it ended. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it was for everyone, and to think that there were most likely some cases where young children were the only survivors of their family is absolutely heartbreaking.

Professional smessional if someone deserves a smack down you give 'em a smackdown talk2hand

Honestly I mainly just use twitter for social media lol. Otherwise I wouldn't object to giving you my number, unlike back in the day when I thought that was utterly taboo lol.

Oh honey, you got a big storm comin'
@Ana, Justin's a criminal. You don't want to side with a criminal now, do you?

Ohooh, yes I did! Idk how you became one either, but throughout everything I looked at you and Ana talked to him the most, he basically ignored me most of the time lol He knew I'd cat on to his bulls**t eventually
jkjk I donated soooo much to that stupid thing though lol


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Omg so like I found the a*****e and his thread and let me tell ya, it's WILD AF. You were apparently a moderator too btw lol

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I don't ever really cry at movies, so I don't think I really teared up either but my heart was still absolutely shattered. Now that I think of it, the only movie I remember crying at while watching it was the blindside and that's not really all that sad lol

They are fun, the finals can be kinda stressful though since they're practicals but nothing I couldn't handle talk2hand
Lol, I wish you did but that might not have ended well for you. Maybe spiced it up a bit with a "Ya mom's a hoe and ya dad's a goat" or something idk

I won't tell you how to live your life, I'll let the judge do that emotion_dealwithit
That's a bummer, I'm sure you would have found some of them interesting but what can ya do. I'm sure there's some UCs there that have them, I'd be a bit shocked if there weren't tbh.

I got rid of my FB awhile ago actually. I literally only got one because my dad needed more friends for some games he played on there so when he stopped getting on I just got rid of it lol. I'm sure we can figure something else out though!

It's on like donkey kong bruh. I've been preparing for this my whole life, and now the moment is finally here. It's always been my dream to fight and beat someone emotion_donotwant
@Ana, you're gonna moderate this and make sure I win, all right?

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I think a lot of it happened over pms so maybe that's why? like I remember Ana and them were "dating" or something and I kept telling her he was manipulating her and all this other crap and told her they needed to break up. I remember him threatening me over pms or something so I blocked him and then I think he even hacked into her account or something and started to threaten me over it? I'm not entirely sure either, just that it was a huge train wreck and that you may or may not have been along for the wildest part of the ride lol.


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I'm watching like a whole lot of studio ghibli movies over the summer. If you ever want to have your heart broken and shattered into a million pieces, I recommend Grave of the Fireflies.

There aren't a huge amount of forensic classes here, but a lot of the forensic/criminal investigation classes are hands on. Like I can't tell you how many fake crime scenes I have either helped put together or processed myself lol.

That sounds super s***ty! How on earth are you too old to be in a lab? I don't blame you for wanting to just drop everything research related after that!

double plot twist: this was a set up emotion_dowant

I don't know, most schools put forensic type courses under the sciences, my school is just weird, so maybe there were a few?

They can take away the site but they can never take away our memories!
Lol no, I honestly don't know why I was back then. I feel like I'm way more of an "open book" compared to then so if there's anything you want to know just ask lol.

oh, also, WTF was that about me being rude? If you wanna fight then lets fight, face to face, man to man emotion_donotwant

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Fingers crossed both of them will message you back somewhat soon!

Yeah I think I'd recommend it, it's been awhile since I've watched in though but I think they're still making new episodes too. And yes, it is on Netflix lol.
It really is like a puzzle, like you have all these facts/evidence and you just have to figure out how it all fits together
Yeah usually they're just simple lab tests like for drugs and whatnot it's usually color tests or kastle-meyers tests for blood. There's so many ways to detect blood/fingerprints and stuff though, all of them are super interesting and somewhat fun to preform!
What happened with your research if you don't mind me asking?

Sometimes it can ruin movies, but other times it makes them more enjoyable because I've always enjoyed dissecting films or games and stuff like that lol. I had a professor who said he couldn't watch horror movies with his family anymore though because he'd ruin their experience too lol.

At some point gaia will just be a speck of dust on the winds of time, gone, but not forgotten.
lol but yeah, we'll have to find someplace else to stay in touch.

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I honestly only remember us three being tight (you, me. Avery)
everyone else was just extras razz but I still miss some

YES AVERY SECRETIVE. well she sharing her life but not her FB or numba lmao
its ok thought thats her decision

yeah its odd. I mean it has been years and we just here chatting.
we are friends arent we smile
why so nostalgic all of the sudden?

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It'd be great if we could talk to them too. If Aro logged on that recently it either means that A) he'll log on again soon, or B) we might have to wait a few more months lol. I don't think any of us has changed too drastically but I think at least Chi was younger so I feel like she'd might've change a lot more. I'd love to see how she is now compared to then!

It really is! I've always liked criminal minds but boy is that show hella wrong lol.
A huge part of criminal justice/crime solving is just common sense, like you look at what most people do in various situations and apply that to the facts of the case, but then there's always the issue of what if the person you're dealing with isn't like most people in these situations and that usually ends up being a cold case. Since I'm going into lab forensics my main job will be to simply take evidence and gather facts from it, it'll be the detective's job to put the puzzle pieces together. Honestly though, forensics really isn't for everyone, like you have to deal with some pretty gruesome stuff sometimes and it can be tough for sure.

Yeah like now sometimes I'll go into a movie or something and my forensics knowledge kicks in and I'm like "that blood is sooo fake, it's WAY too red." or "That blood is super thin, they might as well have just spilled fruit punch on the floor!". It's gotten to the point where horror movies make me laugh sometimes because of how wrong and/or illogical everything is lol.

Thank you! I'll be sure to keep you updated on all my academic/professional endeavors lol.

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tbh idek! might be but I havent talked to him in so long.

I just remember Facebooks and maybe numbers but I don't think texting stuck and I got a new phone so contacts were mostly lost.
Avery was very secretive lol

you should. she was a sweetie; wonder how she is now

yeah my day ones are on my sig or profile hahahah


Hi, I'm Justin.

emotion_bigheart Ana & Avery emotion_bigheart