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Royal Musketeer Cape - Donated

Jolly Jacket - Donated

Dark Cape - Bought

Black Wool Top - Bought

Doggy Style Steamer Headgear - Bought

Christian Siriano's Gray Coat and Shirt - Donated

Christian Siriano's Black Coat - Donated

Charred Tundra Pants - Donated

Black Bowler Hat - Donated

Colonial Cape - Donated

Were Claws - Donated

Jolly Pants - Donated

Black Musketeer Pants - Donated

Kinzakura Kosode - Donated

Jolly Boots - Donated

Wraith Cloak - Bought

Executioner Masque - Donated

Assassin's Guise - Donated

Royal Crown Blue - Bought

Royal Cloak Blue - Bought

Tsunami KO Classic Coat - Donated

Changeling Baby Girl - Donated

I've Been Facing Trouble All My Life... Now I Have Someone to Face it With Me! :)

A Praise For Those Who Have Taught Us

From child to adult, from boy to man,
Throughout a large portion of my life span.
Great professors and teachers I have had,
Not all of them good, a couple were bad.

But still, I thank them all, for what they do,
Because they have to teach many, not few.
Because what they do is not always fun,
And because they always got the job done.

They taught me literature, including poetry,
There's also math, science, and history.
They aren't given much monetary reward,
Yet, in life, they help us move forward.

Now, believe me, I'm not one to preach,
But, I ask that you honor those who teach.
Because keep in mind, with all the great things you do,
You wouldn't have made it far, if not for those who've taught you.

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Vaginus Report | 03/17/2021 10:36 am
You changed your character! Lol. I almost couldn’t find you. Jokes. How did you even remember that nickname? Oh my god, that brought me back. You certainly don’t need to reach out to Keith if things are awkward there. I’m sure it’s equal well wishes for each other, even if they’re unspoken. Give Tinder another shot! If my friends experiences are correct, then majority of the men on there just want some a** to grab. There’s very few actually looking for settling and commitment. So your intentions already stand out amongst the douchebags!

Times were definitely hard then but nothing medication and therapy couldn’t fix. I’m doing much better now. But you guys absolutely made an impact on my life. smile I appreciate your kind words as well. It feels like.. you haven’t changed at all. Haha! You carry yourself the same, speak the same, hold the same drive. That’s a good thing though. You were much more mature back then than the rest of us.
Vaginus Report | 03/02/2021 8:35 am
I’m overjoyed to hear you’re doing so well! Besides the Keith part. It’s unfortunate how things like that can sometimes pan out.

What a fabulous degree to have! I have a few friends who decided on that route and they’ve had nothing but amazing opportunities in life. I actually work in the hospital in respiratory. I decided to take that path after having my son with a complicated delivery and those working in respiratory saved his life. So, one bachelors later and here we are. Haha. Pays well. Well enough to own a house.

Get on Tinder! Hahah. That’s like the new way of finding your soulmate. And if you’re against it in any way, think of it like this.. There’s 8 billion(?)-ish people in the world. Imagine the variety of personalities you will meet by using a website of mostly single people looking to find love. It’s like.. shopping. But for love. How fun! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. Maybe you don’t even care that much. I just recall you as a hopeless romantic, so maybe it wouldn’t hurt. I, on the other hand, was not a hopeless romantic or interested in commitment, but I actually got married. As of 2015. That was a surprise to some.. myself included, lmao. But going on 6 years, so it hasn’t been a mistake yet. I’ve known him since I was 9. Long lost lover. Ha.

Meh. Even if you changed your outfit, I would’ve remembered/found you. You guys were a very big part of a very dark place in my life. A lot of suicidal nights that I didn’t feel so alone.. Richy. Haha. Do you still hate being called that?
Vaginus Report | 03/01/2021 12:31 am
Yoooooo! How the ******** are ya’?!

Wow! It’s been.. what? 10 years now? My god, that is nuts. Have the graphics on this game always been this s**t or were we just immune to the eye burning? What’s the tucking update! How’ve you been?
Omg! How has Keith been? Are ya’ll still best friends?

10 ******** years! I can’t believe you still get on this thing. I had this itching feeling to just pop my head in and see if I still remembered my login and wow, I was surprised to see you still active. I was hoping to catch you online actually and hop into towns. Do you even still do that? Sit in that one specific town and never venture? Nah, surely you’ve had to have changed that routine by now - otherwise you wouldn’t have met any new folk, right? Lol. More importantly.. Why the hell are you still wearing that same outfit from 10 years ago? Write back when you get a sec! I’ll be checking up for my response. dramallama
Shinara101 Report | 02/22/2021 4:01 pm
Oh, damn. I’m so sorry. I’m glad that you’ve tested negative now, and here’s hoping for the rest of your family.
Shinara101 Report | 01/17/2021 1:32 am
Definitely. Here’s hoping the vaccine actually works, now that it’s being administered to the public.
Shinara101 Report | 01/15/2021 6:19 am
Yeah, thankfully it didn't hit me as hard as it did others, I didn't have to be put on a ventilator. I'm home now, but I have trouble breathing so they have me on inhalers and doing lung exercises. It's like a really really aggressive form of pneumonia, or at least that's the best way I can describe it.
Shinara101 Report | 01/14/2021 3:09 pm
Hey, sorry. I did end up catching it and was hospitalized. -_-“ I’m better and recovering now, but yeah.
Shinara101 Report | 10/06/2020 2:57 pm
Just wanted to let you know that I'm okay. I've just been busy trying to get back to normal. sweatdrop
Shinara101 Report | 07/13/2020 4:34 am
I appreciate the offer, and I've got an image in my head as well. Unfortunately I'm not great with drawing/sketching out people realistically, whether they be fantasy or not, and the idea I've got would be more of a rather large, regal oil painting to place above a fireplace mantle, and I don't think I could capture that elegance with my capabilities, plus I just don't have the space to even attempt it. I can picture the image in my mind to fit the narrative and gothique setting, but my capabilities aren't quite that level of expertise. I would suggest commissioning an artist, but that is incredibly expensive, especially so in the current state of the world. I know that a smaller scale portrait would be more accessible, but I would be very meticulous with the details and I don't know that another artist could conceivable capture the characteristics.... I'm a bit of a perfectionist sweatdrop
Shinara101 Report | 07/11/2020 7:57 pm
I'm still safe, I haven't been interacting with very many people outside of my family. I'm still doing well financially. I've just been in a major block in all things creative as of late. Job hunting for professions that have a remote option, things of that nature. It's just so very frustrating.

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Gerald Lord and His Great Deed

There once was a jolly old fellow,
He was happy, chilled and mellow,
Gerald Lord was his name,
Courting girls was his game.

He had a friend who had a crush,
His friend was always in a rush.
He helps his friend court a female,
And my friends it's quite a tale.

Try and try as his friend would,
To court this lady as man should,
He could not, and he fell to dismay,
But then came Gerald Lord, yay!

His advice was as precious as gold,
And his friend's spirit though bold,
Needed the positive encouragement,
And thus the right PMs get sent.

The lady was good and played it coy,
Gerald Lord's friend was a fragile boy,
Outside he was spirited, inside meek,
So Gerald Lord's help he would again seek.

Through the right moves and strategy,
And a little bit of reverse psychology.
Gerald Lord helped the tables turn,
The girl's love his friend would earn.

And in the end the love proved true,
Seeking help his friend didn't rue.
For in his friend's time of dismay,
Along would come Gerald Lord, yay!

And so as this tale is told,
To help the weak become bold,
Seek the help of Gerald Lord and heed,
The tale of his most generous of a deed.

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Yup... This is me...

Just wanted to say... If you read my journals and leave a comment with criticism/compliments... Your awesome!

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The infamous line of former girlfriends past... UPDATED!! Enjoy the stroll down memory lane!

1st Gf, wins title of: "Most B***hy"

2nd Gf, wins title of: "Most Intellectual"

3rd Gf, wins title of: "Most Persistent"

9th Gf, wins title of: "2nd Shortest Relationship Time" (Time to beat, less than an hour.)

4th Gf wins title of: "Most High Class"

5th Gf, wins titel of: "Most Whiny"

6th Gf, wins title of: "Most Controversial"

7th Gf, wins title of: "Most Hated by Friends"

8th Gf, wins title of: "Most Naughty"

10th Gf, wins title of: "It was Emotional Roller-coaster"

Don't mean to toot my own horn but I freakin' rock! :D

*makes out with*

*video tapes*

Here's a story: There once were two individuals, a teacher and his student. The student admired the teacher with great praise, the teacher taught the student as much as he could, with the most of his methods. When the teacher believed his student was ready he told his student to strike out on his own because he could handle the world. But the student refused, and the teacher in his fine wisdom, knew his student was ready, his student had faced the odds and adversity and had overcome every obstacle in his path, but now the teacher himself was the obstacle and the student was failing to overcome it. But like the greatest of all teachers, he would aid his student along and for the benefit of his pupil, he made himself less of a mentor and more of an adversary, so that his student would leave and grow on his own.

11th Gf, wins the title of: "We dated? O.o"

12th Gf, wins the title of: "Most Eager To Commit"

13th Gf, wins the title of: "Most Able To Put Up With My Shenanigans"

14th Gf: wins the title of: "Most Awkward Relationship"

15th Gf, wins the title of: "Not Much Talking In This Relationship x]"

16th Gf, wins the title of: "Most Similar to A 1-Night-Stand"

17th Gf, wins the title of: "New Shortest Relationship Time" (Time to Beat, less than 10 minutes)

I suppose it was great while it lasted.