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this is a qoute from The Princess Bride

I'm not gay I'm British - Bakura

I'm not gay I'm British - Bakura

It takes but a moment for the future to become the past. For ambition to become meaningless. But it matters not, for we must embrace it. For the sake of the land we must keep moving forward. That is why I continue to fight. To stop is to admit defeat. -Nobunaga Oda SW3

The path to the truth is never pleasant. In fact it is quite painful. Most will give up on the truth because it in itself is unpleasant. You need only find the truth, but you must also accept it. You will struggle and you will cry. The truth is harsh, but it is the truth in the end. It is something that is always there and knowing it is the first step on the path to bettering yourself. Even though the truth is harsh it is fair, because the truth does not hold prejudice. It is simply the truth and will give no one an advantage due to race, sexuality, birthright, age, or gender. The truth is enlightenment.