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Birthday: 07/01/1987

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Eeee! I Has Pants!

Don't Make Me Beg


Too Long, Don't Read

Since I have yet to find a way to make BBCode relay formal, suit-wearing, tie-having text, I shall thusly refuse to use it lest I require bold, italic or underlined text.

So there.

Which reminds me...

I am roughly 1/3 nerd, 1/3 geek and 1/3 dork (this is possible, as I do it on a daily basis through subconscious means that I cannot possibly be bothered to explain here). I am a horrendous fiend for grammar in spite of the fact I occasionally "lol" or "rofl," even tell people to "gtfo." This occurs when I am lazy, or I'm making fun of someone for ignoring their vowels or proper grammar. Before you yell at me for being ignorant or not respecting people who do not grow up with English as their mother tongue, I'll have you know I speak with a few people who learned English as a secondary language. Chances are these people have superior spelling and grammar to roughly 99.99999...% of the people who actually have English for a mother tongue. I applaud these people. I laugh heartily at the rest of you (which does include myself on occasion). Do not expect me to be "politically correct" by any means. Just sit back, relax and know that if you ask for it, you're gonna get it.

I also like long walks on the beach, fresh-baked cookies and warm mittens.

Speak to Me, I'm So Lonely

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sweetbeanpaste Report | 07/01/2008 4:10 pm
Hey, I hear it's your birthday! It's been forever, what's up?
nancye1c01967 Report | 01/19/2008 2:18 am
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Genya444 Report | 08/26/2007 3:34 pm
Aha! That's fine, then. I got confused for a moment there (don't worry, happens to me all the time).
imyourchouchou Report | 08/26/2007 3:32 pm

It's when i can't think of anything else to say but "HI"

(I say HI a lot.)
Genya444 Report | 08/26/2007 2:55 pm
Forgive the newbie but... you're having a what now, on -my- profile?



Do continue, I must see where this is going. :3
imyourchouchou Report | 08/26/2007 10:58 am
Hi. (I'm having a conversation block right now.)

Ello Allie who is below me HIIII
sweetbeanpaste Report | 08/06/2007 5:48 pm
Thanks for pointing of My Death Note Banner Spoof. I appreciate it!
CureGirl13 Report | 08/06/2007 4:13 pm
*followed Songra in*

(kay not really)
KuraiYume Songra Report | 07/20/2007 4:59 pm
KuraiYume Songra
User Image

That is what your profile is missing!
Captain Queerrr Report | 07/18/2007 4:46 pm
Captain Queerrr
User Image

i hope we get to be come good friends!!!XD

Stare Into My Soul and Recieve--- Cake!

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