What Teachers Make, or Objection Overruled, or if Things Don't Work Out, You Can Always Go To Law School


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Tailsy Report | 04/29/2011 9:05 am
Not to much. As I mentioned, got a passport, and a nice car now... meaning I can cross over to the states anytime I want.
Tailsy Report | 02/11/2011 7:26 am
Poke poketh, been trying to get your attention.
DarthEther Report | 05/26/2010 10:27 am
Hope you're well. Boring on here isn't it? Perhaps that is why no one is ever on. It all makes perfect sense now. XD
Auron the Carver Report | 04/16/2010 10:17 pm
i miss u alot, call or txt me asap 210-542-3140
Steeeeeeeeeve Report | 06/18/2009 7:31 am
Lol, not that hard to find, I am a cowboy zombie with the screename Steeeeeeeeeve. Ahh, I love my cowboy zombie smile .
Steeeeeeeeeve Report | 06/05/2009 5:41 am
Ah, ok. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure. Hey there work buddy!!!!!!!
Steeeeeeeeeve Report | 06/04/2009 7:20 am
Okay I'll be honest, no I'm not sure who you are. What is you're name or what do you look like good sir/madam!?
Haru_the_wind_demon Report | 04/29/2009 8:33 pm
I hope life is treating you well ^_^
Steeeeeeeeeve Report | 04/07/2009 3:15 pm
Hello you, you are great, yoooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DarthEther Report | 02/21/2009 8:24 am
Happy birthday Genie. Hope your having a nice day.


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About the Real Me

Personally, i'm 19 years old and a freshman in college. i read, i write, i'm majoring in math...i'll never get away from school. in my free time i normally can be found here on gaia or going over the newest ideas for a novel i'm writing. my life is controlled by music (anything but country and rap >.< wink and without my ipod, life is not worth living. i'm just kidding of course, but it's with me everywhere i go, and playing nearly 24/7. i played in band for 8 years and will defend TO THE DEATH that marching band is as much a sport as anything else. come on, i dare you to contradict me and my 200 band minions *glare* don't try it. you won't win. i guess if there's anything else y'all wanna know, just ask.


Genie was born in the mid 1500s to a devout christian family, but after many years of turmoil in her house she ran away and was taken into a Vampire coven known as the Renegades. At the age of 18 she was turned by Alex, her (then) lover and best friend. Not even a month after she was turned Alex's own brother, Xavier, and his coven (the Shades) killed every last one of the Renegades, save for Genie. She ran from the house after watching Alex get stabbed in the back and has been running from Xavier and the Shades for the past 450 years. (whole story soon to be up on fictionpress.com, link will be provided when available). recently she met a man by the name of Haru who was able to change her back to her original self, before her transformation, and gave her wings in the process.

Name: Jeanette (Genie)

Age: looks 18, is really 468

height: 5'6"

weight: approx 175 lbs

Race: feline shapeshifter/fallen angel
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((p.s. i found the kitty on the internet. the other haru found for me. neither were done by me))
Appearance: (^^^) waist length black hair, ice blue eyes. has two prominent scars - one that runs from the base of her neck all the way down her spine and another that cuts across the base of her neck where the fang marks once were. (wearing whatever avi is wearing at any given time). her feline form has black and red fur and is still in transition from kitten to cat.

Weapons: 7 knives - 2 boot knives, 2 in normal hip sheaths, 2 springloaded wrist sheaths, and one in a spine sheath. the one in the spine sheath is the largest and also the most improtant to her (a gift from Alex). it is a silver blade with an ebony hilt, the back of the blade has the coven symbol inlayed with ruby. a silver snake is wound around the hilt forming the grip.

currently questing for:
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(for fox tail:)
LadyAudra8587 <3<3 <3<3<3(2100g)
Sage Talon <3<3<3<3 (4000g)
(for chain of command:)
Symu19 <3<3<3 (3000g)
Bluntman42059 <3<3<3<3<3 (5000g)
Ichigo A. Anchors heart (trading me the chain of command)
(for chyaku norisu scarf:)
Haru_the_wind_demon heart heart heart (51000g)
LadyAudra8587 (3000g)
Symu19 <3<3<3<3 (4000g)
(for Korora:)
Johnny_Guilty_Gear heart (10090g)
Haru_the_wind_demon heart (12000g)
(for Fausto's Bottle:)
Heratio <3 (1000g)
Haru_the_wind_demon heart (40000g)
(Whip of Fire:)
Heratio <3<3<3 (3490g)
Von Earl Wright heart (10000g)
Kilula <3 (500g)
Symu19 <3 (900g)
(Longcat Scarf:)
Haru the Wind Demon <3<3 (2000g)
faber-mike-pete heart (22000g)
(Inari's Beads, First Gen.:)
Haru the Wind Demon heart (42600g and items)
Heratio heart (4000g)

What Vamps Do In Their Spare Time

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
Sage Bane
Auron the Carver
Choujo Kitsune
Akairo-Gin Havok

my bestest friends ^_^

the boot and spring-loaded knives

these are the necklaces she wears on a regular basis. the blood diamond choker and her spiked cat collar

Genie and her twin sister, Ana. Genie is in black, Ana is in white. (picture to be updated soon with art from kaia)

Genie's twin sister, Ana

tis moi

Art done by Kaia, also known as Choujo Kitsune here on gaia. she is taking commissions, for those who want avi art (pm me or her for details). Colored version to come soon.

Sam <3