Name: Mustang
Age: 25
Date Of Birth: June 11th
Gender: Female
What do you class yourself as?: Tomboy
Nationalities: Italian-American----25%, French----25%, Polish----25%, Canadian----25%
Taken or Single?: Taken by my Special Bambino in real
Personality: I love animals cats mostly, Imma child at heart, I play mario and kingdom heart video games and different games depending on what they are, Yokies ish my GaiaOnline Besty forever and John is my Besty in real forever
Likes: Mixing 2 drinks into 1, video games, being a kid at heart, loves to rp as a virtual kitty, Dr. Pepper, Energy Drinks and Sobe drinks the most, Kingdom Hearts (riku ish my fav character), i like some music, chinese food, italian food, some mexican food, junk food
Dislikes: Mean ppl, my heart always being broken, dicks who will break my heart, being sad all the time i miss being happy like i used to be, jalapenos, cranberry sauce and anything else with cranberries in it, beets, artichokes, anchovies, guacamole, spicy food unless its kimchi (Korean Spicy Cabbage), can't drink coffee straight black it taste like s**t to me, soy milk taste like milk that took a s**t, prune juice
Tattoos I either wanna get or work on getting: My nickname Mustang in black and white (cause its cheaper that way) and I Love You Grandma in Italian in black and white
Nicknames I will go by: Mustang, Musty, Kitty, Kit, Cobra, Shelby, Midnight, Darky