Yo... I'm Kio and this is... *drumroll*
ABOUT ME!! *half-hearted cheers*
okay, okay

Name: Kio
Hair: Buttery orange
Eyes: green/blue/Idunno
Height: 6'0". Queen of the Amazons, that's me.

You're not going to get to know more about me just by looking at a page. Just sayin'.


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Kio's log on dominating the world.

I look forward to killing you soon!

my name is Kio, and i am currently about to dominate the world with my sister and Kiley-sempai, my upperclassmen. I would call my sister my upperclassmen as well, but she's shorter than me, so i relish in depriving her of that title. mwahahahaha...


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I'd be leaving in January and get back in June~ I really hope I get into the program!!
And I've wanted a motorcycle, too! I think they would be a lot of fun to have. Do you have a name you'd give to your greyhound already?

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Sounds like a plan > biggrin
You can see my new glasses (they're orange!!)
Meeehhh but the littl brother has been talking so much about getting a car that now I'm thinking about cars and I want one, but I don't want to get one untl after I get back from Germany... GRRR.
I hate waiting XD

So is Monster Galaxy like... separate from Gaia? Or is it like zOMG where it's a gaia game?

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Oh, oh. And I've not tried Monster Galaxy yet. I do love Pokémon, though <3 I may check it out sometime biggrin

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Yeah, your avi is pretty kick a** |D I like > biggrin
And it's pretty Steampunk, too~ I'm going to hcange my avi all the time though, since I wanna use all my cool items at least for a little bit XD
And WOOT! We'll be gone until mid-August, too, basically XD We've got Lolla and then fam-camp. I move back into school on the 25th.

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I've been actually getting on lately |D
Changing my Avi and selling my old valuables to get NEW valuables... |D
Though I kinda wish I hadn't sold my Fallen Wish ; A ;
So I'll be like... über busy until I start school again, but I think we should try to hang out one more time before then!
So I'll text you tomorrow, or something |D
I just wanted to say Hi~
And post a long comment~
And show off my sexy orange avi |D
(have you noticed how, no matter what my Avi is wearing, the platypus is ALWAYS there? XD)

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cool avi.
Everlasting Time

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Everlasting Time

That's okay.
Everlasting Time

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Everlasting Time

It said you tipped my post...
Everlasting Time

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Everlasting Time

You tipped? xD

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POSTS PLEEZE!!! ^_^ sorry I'm bored and hyper and yeah.....


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