I love my J
( o)(- )v.

My name is Abdo.
I am 17 years old (Yea got a problem? I am 17 years old, old enough to make you suffer! twisted ), and I like doing fun stuff.
Video games, hanging out with friends, playing sports, going on trips, going for random walks, annoying my brother while he's watching anime! xd (Too many interests to write sweatdrop )

My life is awesome, what about yours?
Your life won't be perfect if you don't want it to.
Oh well I guess that's all.. I got nothing more to say..
Oh well add me if you want to, if not then gtfo my profile page! scream
Bleh am just kidding. whee
You can keep staring at my avi..
Yea I know. Am just too awesome. xd
That's why i came up with a name for my self. "Abdowsomeness"
Awesome ha! 3nodding *Pose*
I like who I am, and I like what I do..
If you don't like me..
Then go ******** your self.
drum a-n-d ssab
d l -_- l b
The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away
There will never be a reason why I will surrender to your advice
To change myself, I'd rather die
Though they will not understand
I won't make the greatest sacrifice
You can't predict where the outcome lies
You'll never take me alive.
(For God my best friend and my first and last, the one and only wifu! -Drum rolls- J<3! a.k.a Rane Noir whee -Crowd clapping- )

Ice cream is the ******** best!! WOOOOOOOO!! whee


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Hi! Sorry I never saw your comment until now.
The song in my profile is Planetes Affettuoso by Hitomi. c:

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Even though it's not a long time,,I'm gonna miss you so much, always know that "I LOVE you the most" emotion_bigheart

gaia_crown J ~
The Victim Here

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The Victim Here

Haha, thank you. I am a Undead Fancy Pirate Poodle. whee
The Victim Here

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The Victim Here

Hi, how are you? blaugh
the blossoming beelzebub

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the blossoming beelzebub

hola. why'd you add me? o: i love making friends, but i don't add people unless i've talked to them.

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ll chaOs Renzuki ll

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ll chaOs Renzuki ll

biggrin hai thanks for buying , do you like D GRAY MAN ehhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm i like D GRAY MAN biggrin

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Thanks alot for buying sir awesome
have a nice day ahead
Bananas Cannibal

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Bananas Cannibal

was banned add me.

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Thanks for buying